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Hard to believe its been 8 years since the fall of the Twin Towers.

I remember the moment I heard, as clear as if it was yesterday - thought I was hearing about a new "Action Film"....when the reality sank in that it was real, well, the feeling was sickening.

My best friend lost her cousin in the second plane. Another best friend lost the father of her childrens school mates in the fields in Pennsylvania.

My brother worked randomly in the Twin Towers when on business in NY. Thank GOD he was not there that day.

There is almost not an American that knoew someone involved on that day. NYC is like the heartbeat of America.

Here's to the thousands lost - their families - and may there memories out last the horrors and evil that men do. :(

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Gotta Make A Change
Yeah can't believe it's been 8 years
so many innocent lives lost
still makes my heart sink, especially this past week with all these 9/11 docu and movies
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Happy in my own skin
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Planned by the US government???
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Guys - I never do this = but can I please ask that this not become a political debate/cinspiracy thread - which I think is nonsense anyway - but this is about remembering those lost, and those living who still, and always will suffer.

Hope you understand my request - you are entitle to your opinion Ken, of course, but thats not what this was about.




I will do this!
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my thoughts go out to all who lost a loved one. My brother lives in the US and although the other side of the country my nan was so upset and worried that day, we had to show her a map to see that he was safe.

My sister-in-law is from New York though, so upsetting.

May we never forget x
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it was awful - i was at school and no-one could believe what we were seeing
very sad indeed

daisy x


Happy in my own skin
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Sorry BL, was just confused.

Won't say any more other than yes, terrible day, my heart goes out to those who lost a loved one.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
No worries M - I just didn't want this to turn into propaganda, as its really for people. There are some who believe the US Government organised the disaster as an excuse to go to war with Afghanistan - that they essentially killed their own people and blamed the Afghanistans, etc., etc., thats all. :rolleyes:

I just wanted to nip it in the bud - on today of all days - it should just be about the people.

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I remember being glued to the internet and not believing what I was seeing/reading/hearing. Terrible, tragic day for everyone. xx


Playing the Angel
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I remember it like it was yesterday too. We kept the silence today for those lost and I have been sending out positive energy to all those affected in this time of grief for them.

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It still renders me speechless every time I see images of that tragic day.

9 years and the shock has not lessened

RIP all those who were taken................all religions / cultures were cruelly snatched on this day



is Magdalicious
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My partner is American. He's originally from LA but he happened to work in the Penthagon (he works for the US government) on 9/11. If it wasn't for all those people who stopped the 3rd plane smash into the Penthagon he could have not been here today :(
R. I. P. everyone who lost their lives in that terrible tragedy.
Mags xxx

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