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i dont measure just do a mug and its nice and creamy make sure you get 4litres of water down your neck though!! how much did you pay on internet?
When i fist started i done 400mls...but that was way too much to stomach.
I use 250ml so the shakes are nice and thick, and make sure i drink plenty water to make up for it.


please try again
on the sachet it says 227 ml but depends on personal taste, i put around the reccomended amount as i like it thick and creamy
dont forget to use a wee blender though for getting it really smooth
I usually have 300 - 350 ml of water and that is thick enough for me!!

Just be careful with doing it through the internet and make sure that your Dr is aware that you are on a VLCD....they will probably want to take your blood pressure first.

Good luck with your journey!
its worked out at 1.95 a shake but im cool with that as i dont mind paying the bit more for delivery to the door, and not having to bother with a CDC although the 2 i contacted, 1 has ignored me and the other said id have to travel 30miles to her, bum to that!!

for the hot versions, is it any shake, and boiling water, or warm so as not to kill the vitamins?

ive got 3 old pop bottles that im using for water, so maz 6litres but ill aim for 2 and then as much of the third as i can

verrrrrrrry excited :):):):):):)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You can make any of the shakes hot. Not boiling water, maybe boil the kettle and then leave to stand for 5 mins and then use.
You can add some coffee powder to the vanilla shake to make a sort of latte...

Try and drink 4 litres water a day, it will help the weight come off,
Good luck.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You should not need to take any extra Vits as the 3 meals aday you have contain 100% of the vits and nutrients you need.We have a saying...THE MORE YOU DRINK THE MORE YOU SHRINK! and it's true...try to have at least 4 but prob no more than 6.

Don't worry about the hair thing.....it dosen't happen to every one, I have never lost any of mine.


please try again
all the vitamins you need are in your daily packs, i wouldnt take other vitamins as you dont want to over do the vits
with regards to hairloss not everyone gets it and it will grow back
I have the chocolate/chocolate mint/toffee-walnut shakes hot every day - they're fab, especially in this weather. When i have them at work everyone gets jealous (until I tell them that's ALL I have! :D)

Anyway, I boil kettle. then when It's boiled, I get a large mug, empty the sachet in, then cold water a quarter of the way up the mug - I then mix like mad with a spoon until all/most lumps have gone, time tht's done the kettle's cooled a little, so I fill to top with the boiled water - mix some more. Mine does still have a few lumps, but I'm in a minority, as I love the lumps!!!

Good luck!
The hair loss, doesn't happen to everyone...and it's only a thining...it's not going to make you bald!
As other's have said, it will grow back....if it happens at all!