A bad day!!


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I was attempting EE.

I started off well with strawberries, blueberries, apple and banana all chopped up with a mandarin mullerlight over them. Yum

Come lunchtime I was ravenous and thought Id have some leftover curry from the weekend (its a sw recipe), but i couldnt wait on the brown rice (why does it take soooo long) and so ended up having

sw curry
2 x slices wholemeal bread HeB
raita (ff yog, cucumber and red onion)

then had

apple, 2 x clementines and a banana

Does the above count as EE even though I didnt have rice????

Please help!!! x
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that sounds fine, you don't have to have carbs and meat with every meal it's just that you can if you choose which is why EE works for me. Curry and veg or raita and bread is perfectly alright so don't worry you've not lost the plot.

The important bit to aim for is at least 1/3 rd of your meal being free fruit or veg. If having the veg is awkward with a particular meal for whatever reason our sw leader suggests having a fruit salad for a starter or dessert so that way you have the free food as 1/3rd of your total meal rather than a 1/3rd of your plate if that makes sense to you.

Don't worry it all gets much easier the longer you stick to it.

You'll be fine x


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All looks good to me. If I could advise you one thing, I would maybe try not to have more than one banana a day - a lot of people think that bananas tend to slow losses down (although I have one a day and have been ok!). Obviously see how it works for you though, as it's not breaking any EE rules! xx


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S: 15st9lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 3st3lb(20.55%)
Thanks guys, I've heard the same about bananas so I'll try not to have too many - I usually only have 1 a day but am at home today so it's too easy to snack on them.

Hope your weight loss is going well xx