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a BIG oops

Well i had a dinner out with friends tonight. Said i would make a sensible choice....as i have done before, but did i? Did i heck. Best bit is i enjoyed my low carb meal last week much better than what i ate tonight. I wotn go into details and lure you all unwillingly into the sordid world of food porn...but i went major carb happy. Felt sick and bloated immediately after! SO not worth it. Didnt stay too long for drinks, had 2 and came home. Off to do my usual 30 min rowing machine, maybe redeem myself a bit.....

Still tho, its got me thinking about next weekend. Ive had a night out planned for months...friends bday. I cant not go....but ive decided after feeling so horrible tonight i will defo be sticking to low carb, and as for drinks...i will be limiting to 4 vodkas. Was tempted to skip the meal but defo not silly enough to drink after only 3 packs. I'll be honest i cant wait til next sunday....get all the xmas and january social events in the past....and be a social recluse til july haha x

So ive beat myself up...much needed. And there is no way i'll be doing that again, If for no other reason than the fact that i prefer satrday nights minus stomach ache and bloatedness! lol

Hope everyones had a better day than me xx
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Ahh hun, at least its turned you off food rather than starting a binge, hope you get into ketosis soon, am dreading Feb as having friends round so will have a chick kebab but also have a night out with hubbie, part of Xmas pressies seeing Russell Howard, might have to have nandos chick, but can I have wine?
If your gonna have a complete night off then get right back on it, maybe one or 2 wines wouldnt hurt. I stick to vodka even tho i prefer wine...cos its way less calories lol. Well thats the thing, i knew i had 2 or 3 events in january i couldnt miss so decided to be sensible. In a way im glad i cheated tonight and got it over with.....cos now i can store this yucky bloating sicky feeling and remember it for the next time i feel tempted! xx


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What can u have with vodka out n about which is keto friendly? I usually have vodka n slimline tonic but that is full of citric acid
If im having a drink in the house i have vodka and coke zero....but if out i have diet coke. Its got citric acid but i usually get away with it if i just have a few. It does have citric acid in tho so have to be careful.....but pubs dont really have sensible options lol x
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Hey Buddy!

Get back on the wagon now now now. As you said we've similar amounts to lose, I'm using chasing your total down as motivation, so don't make it too easy for me!! I start on Tuesday so not long now...


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aww this is such a hard thing to deal with. I have noticed being on this diet that if I buy food I end up buying loads of carby stuff even though I shouldnt and even if its not for me. I think its in our brains "must eat carbs, must eat carbs" lol. I hope you get back on track pretty quick. HUGS

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