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A bit embarrassing

Hi All
I know we all have all sorts of strange side effects as part of LL, most of which we can live with. Smelly breath, hair loss, constipation etc. But the one thing I'm really struggling with is really mortifying, especially as a 31 year old who has never had any kids.

About 3 months in I started to have real continence issues. My doctor has told me I have an overactive bladder so the 4 litres of water a day really don't help. Plus I had some tests to see if my kidneys were functioning properly and water is being processed through my body much quicker than a 'normal' person. They told me not to drink as much but I'm really thirsty if I don't have 4 litres. And now they've told me I've got signs of diabetes too. Just what I need as I reach my goal!

It's the continence issues that I'm finding the worst though and was just wondering if anyone else has the same issues. It's really affecting everything I do. So much that I won't go out unless I know there's a loo both on the way and when I get there. They're not sure but have suggested it's linked to my back problems (I have degenerative disc disease) which means the nerves around my bladder are affected but I'm not sure if we're clutching at straws.

I start on some meds next week which should hopefully calm things down a bit but it's just such an embarrassing thing to have to deal with. Sorry for sharing!
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Dont be sorry for sharing, thats what we are all here for! I have only started so haven't experienced this. I just wanted to say I hope the meds calm it down for you.

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I too have this problem sometimes, but i had a child 16 years ago. I should go get mine sorted but it comes and goes. I hope you start feeling better soon, i really do understand how you feel, Its a very embarrassing problem but..alot of people do get it and it can be solved!
I can't offer any advice except to say that you should never be embarrassed to post about anything on here, that is what the forum is here for. I am sure that things will settle down as there are a lot of treatment options given that you have overcome your embarrassment and spoken to your doctor. Many people just struggle on alone, so well done.

Your back sounds like a serious condition and you must be really proud that you have given yourself the best possible chance of managing that with your weight loss which is just awesome x


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I'm not on LL/CD now so I don't drink as much as you. I get up about 3 times every night still though, mainly out of habit!
Sorry to hear you're having these problems but you may find that once you finish LL and lower your water intake a bit things work themselves out?

I'm 27, not had any kids etc, but sometimes still gotta make sure I'm not caught unawares with a random sneeze or laugh!! Happens to the best of us at times I'm sure!!
Can I ask the obvious. Normally continence can be linked to pelvic floor muscles, do you do your pelvic floor exercises daily, I know you can get cones etc.. which you build up to using which help strengthen the muscles. Although considering your docs are saying its linked to nerves etc... that may not help. Hope your meds do the job for you and help make you feel a bit more comfortable. In the meantime, what about the TENA lady pads, rather than hiding away.
Hi minime. I have the strongest pelvic floor on the planet according to my GP! I do lots of pilates and have always had to do special exercises because of my back problems so things are as good as they can be. It's just that it makes no difference :-(

There's nothing they can do about the nerve damage in my lower back and are just monitoring it. It's definitely got much worse since I'm drinking more. But I think I was probably dehydrated most of the time beforehand as I avoided drinking in order to avoid getting'caught short'.

I use TENA like they're going out of fashion. The biggest ones available. They cost a fortune too but I'm hoping they can start to prescribe them as my problem is so bad. Either that or once mt test results come back they can give me something to calm things down.
I'm not exactly confined to the house but it really does have an impact on everything I do in terms of planning etc.

Guess it's just another something to deal with- hooray!!!
Roundrachel - I too have degenrative disc disease and am on LL to see if losing weight will help with my back - apart from all the other obvious benefits too. I am on anti-depressents because the constant pain and the 2 serious hospital stays this year are just too much to bear. My nerves are shot to pieces too and other than sneezing a bit too ferociously (?!*) touch wood I haven't had your problems. You definitely have the right attitude and if like me the weight helps our backs you may find the other thing may help from less pressure on it?? Only a thought.

P.S I'd put all the ticker tape etc etc on the end if only I had a clue how to - lol x

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