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A bit miffed with my CDC.


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I went for my weigh in today & asked her advice on whether me moving up the plans a little earlier, then losing the last stone following the new Atkins Advantage diet (it is like low GI) would be ok.
She made me feel like a complete idiot! She said she hated Atkins & would never promote it. She thought it was an unhealthy way to live & that being in ketosis at bmi 25 or under is dangerous. I mentioned that some people stay in ketosis on 810, so why is that not dangerous? She replied, "well most people come out of it"
What kind of answer is that, when she's just said it was dangerous.

I said I would take the new Atkins book to her to see what she thought & she said "to be honest I'm not interested in looking at it, I hate The Atkins".
Fair enough & each to their own, but why make someone feel like **** for asking advice.
I have decided to change counsellors because of it.

I just feel like there was no support whatsoever. It was like, well I hate the Atkins, & you're stupid for even contemplating doing it....

Am I over reacting? Or does every CDC feel this way about Atkins.

BTW I never fry anything on the Atkins I always do it as healthy as possible, with lots of salads & vegetables, & lots of good for you fats.
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heya hun i dont know much about the atkins or cdc plans as never gone that far really. but omg cant believe cdc said that to you. i think that is out of line ok fair enough if she doesnt like it there was no need for her to be like that to you omg glad to here your changing cdc's :hug99:


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Wow. I think that's really rude. She can dislike atkins and tell you why but she doesn't have to make you feel bad...

Hope you can sort this out,

xxx Lostris
Does seem a bit rude, maybe some of what she says was right but she maybe put a bit rude. I do think it is probably not good to be in ketosis under bmi 25 though for health reasons as there isnt much fat left to burn + you wouldnt get the vitimins and nutrients that you would from cambridge but thats your choice at the end of the day. Mate of mine did atkins for 6 weeks in 2005 but that was more than enough and he lost a tonne of weight(and kept it off). So maybe ok for a quick loss but not for long term dieting.
Good luck with whatever you do but certainly look into the ketosis and bmi thing. :)

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