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A bit rubbish this week.....


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Well today has been a bit emotional with my weigh in.:break_diet:

Okay saturday was my Mum's birthday so we had a big chinese meal and desert so I had it as a flexable day - 50 syns. Amazingly despite all the food on offer I stuck to that! Anyway I had already listen to the advice that if I was having 50 flexable syns, I should just expect to maintain this week but then we got a new dog in an effort to help my agoraphobia. :doggy:

With my last dog I was able to go out in the evening as it was just a bit darker as the attention would be on her and not me but she passed away and I stayed inside again. I have been taking out this new dog in the same way and thought because I was suddenly exercising more, I could maybe except 1lb. It got stuck in my head all week. I am also 2lbs off my first mini goal so that is weighing on my mind (boom tish). :innocent0001:

Anyway, today I weighed myself......NO CHANGE! No gain but no loss ether. I wept in the bathroom for 20 minutes angry I had "yet again fail at something and I was doomed to be a troll for the rest of my life". I was even close to throwing in the towel.:cry:

Then I remembered that this was what I had been told to expect and if I hadn't got that 1lb stuck in my head I would have been happy just over the fact I hadn't gained. I am also still on track weight loss and time wise, I haven't actually done any harm. :rolleyes:

So I am taking the advice of one of my books - for each pound you didn't lose or gained instead, do something different from the week before. As normally I would have lost 2lbs max, I guess not having a flexable day would be one! Also I am going to up my water intake by an extra pint. :character00115:

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal next week! :)
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Fighting the bulge
Firstly its good to see that your thinking ahead rather than freting. It is frustrating to stay the same but as you said - you didnt gain anything. Did you enjoy yourself at the birthday? If so it was worth it. This is a life long process and so there will always be little occasions which attempt to hamper your weight loss. You did well - you went out ate Chinese and stayed in control of what you were eating and didnt gain any weight for it - really you should be giving yourself a high 5!!

My mum suffers from Agraphobia too, so i can sympathise with you by seeing how she is regarding going out. My 10 year old brother works for her (if she has him with her she's ok) it's a very hard thing to over come and to see that you are trying to get out rather than staying in is commendable :)


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I just want to say after a week since posting that, I've lost 4lbs!


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Awww thanks! To be honest, apart from not having a flexable day, the only different thing I did was to drink an extra pint of water a day. I read that if you hit a plateau, do one small thing different that you didn't do the week before for each pound you think you should have lost and for each pound you gain. I must have had some serious water retention!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
It just goes to show how emotionally we are attached to the scales! That's why I always keep a tape measure handy. You didn't panic and you reaped the reward this week! Well done!

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