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a bit scared

Hi guys did anyone ever have bule lips and a real anxious feeling on lipotrim i had real blue lips last nite they are gone now but i felt really nervous and up tight all last night and couldnt sleep my oh said i was very pale as well im fine today dont know what it could have been my heart felt like it was racing a bit:break_diet:
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Love God; Love People
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You sound very anxious linny343. Those are all symptoms of anxiety. You can be reasonably secure in the knowledge that the programme is medically recommended and pharmacy-monitored. If you have real concerns please check with your pharmacist and if need be, your GP.
For the non-medical issues, we are here to encourage you and share the journey.
When did you start? How many days have you done?
hi i have been on ipotrim for 3 months i came off it a month ago for my holiday so im really only back on it full time 1 month do you think this explains the blue lips you are all very helpfull i have my weigh in tomorrow so i will check with the chemisit thanks


Love God; Love People
S: 13st0lb C: 11st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 1st1lb(8.24%)
Blue lips, pale - anaemic? any chest problems? do discuss with pharmacist and see what they recommend. If dizzy or breathless too, pls see GP. Generally, I don't think lipotrim on its own should cause these symptoms, unless you were just feeling very cold.
Well done for the initial 3 months and for restarting linny.
thanks guys i have no dizzyness or chest pains im actually fine today and i havent been doing to much exercise just walking for 30 mins every other day i will get the chemist to check my blood pressure tomorrow and thanks for that number i will let you know what happens i would say its not lipotrim related


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Actually I experienced that on the 1st or 2nd day...but I am prone to panic attacks, so assumed it was that - as it's normally a symptom.

I would certainly speak to your GP if it happens again though


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Some people exerience palputations...which can then brign on a panic attak and you can feel like you're dying...but you're not..used to have them when i was pregnant always at night horrid!!!
It could just be your body having carb withdrawls
Blue lips is new to me...like nicki says ring lt and see what they say
Good luck
Hi, so glad someone else had this. I don't get blue lips but I do get a feeling like my heart is pumping really hard, but not fast, feel slightly woozy with it too. Actually got it right now. I think it's the constant tension of trying not to eat and not wanting to fail!
hi guys i had my weight in with chemist and lost 6 pounds she tested my blood pressure and it was fine im now in the over weight bracket and i tested my ketones and im not dehydrated so it just must be like a panic attack i feel 100 percent at the moment thanks for all your help x
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Glad to hear everything is okay Linny. Well done on your great loss as well.


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