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A bit upset

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Yes that seems a lot to me too! You should be satisfied with that! Unless you got your numbers wrong for last week's weight? Either way hugs you're upset, keep going and you will get there in the end x
I think you mean you were 60.4 last week, as in your signature :)

Don't worry, keep doing what you've been doing, sure you will see a bigger loss this week. Maybe it is TOTM?
60.4 last week!
Elida, if you look at my signature you will see it's 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It is sooooo annoying!
I'd definitely say that I stall and even put on a couple of pounds in the run-up to TOTM, afterwards I have a couple of weeks where it drops off. Even though I know this, I get depressed each month when I stall! Keep going, it will come off.
I am in the same boat, last 2 weeks I keep putting on weight, but trying not to be upset .. The closer we are to the goal, the harder it gets:( I gained 1.1 kg overnight and it is hard to keep myself motivated, I am hoping to see a drop one of these days!

You and I both know the diet works, just slower but we will get to goal for sure, later is better than never, right? :)

Please don't be too upset - I often find I can put on the odd pound (which I think is about 0.4 kg) then it'll go and I'll loose a couple together - weight loss is strange like that! It can be all sorts of things. It is disheartening but look at how well you've done and know it can slow down the closer you get to your goal.

Choccie x
And of course dont forget, the more you exercise, the more muscle will develop and tone, and muscle weighs more than fat.
Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, that's a myth and of course impossible, 1lb of muscle and 1lb of fat both weigh 1lb, it couldn't possibly be any other way no more than 1lb of lead is the same as 1lb of feathers.
However, 1lb of muscle is denser tissue than 1lb of fat and tighter and as far as size is concerned a block of muscle will weigh more than an equal sized block of fat! The confusion is that you can go up in weight and actually look thinner simply because you are building lean muscle so if you're weight training you can't always trust the scales to show your true body fat loss. Basically the plus side is that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat... so keep up the exercise... x
I havent done much, that is the problem I think. I will try harder. I cant wait to have my weight starting with a 5!!!
You'll get there Alessandra, keep up drinking your water, keep eating your lean protein and upping the exercise doesn't hurt x
My weight keeps going up! I was 61.2 this morning. Should I worry?
Alessandra don't worry so much. It really doesn't sound like it's beneficial for you to be weighing every day at the moment. Don't undo all the good work you've done by becoming de-motivated now.

Are you still posting your menus? Perhaps something has crept in which is stalling you.
Is that your official weekly weigh in or just a daily one? You know by now the things to take into account, TOTM, water consumption, tolerated items, slip ups, eating enough protein...Do you think any of these things might have caused it? If not then just be patient, it's probably just some little retention or other that will pass tomorrow!
That's the thing, I'm still doing everything the same. I guess I'll wait until next saturday ( the official weight in).
I'll also star posting my menus again just in case. Thanks

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