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A bit worried...

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice please. I'm now on day 6 of the diet, and I'm noticing something odd. After I have my shakes, my throat feels like its starting to swell, and I'm finding it really difficult to swallow. I first noticed this on day 3, but kind of put it to the back of my mind. It seems to be getting worse though, and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I've never experienced any sort of food allergy, but I'm assuming that if I was allergic to something in the packs the reaction would be more severe.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Apart from that I feel OK- not hungry at all, a bit tired maybe but OK. I know I've lost a good few pounds already, and am desperate to keep going because in some ways, this is the easiest diet ever! Any advice gratefully received

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ooo i felt that too. does your throat feel sort of blocked if that makes sense?:s
I personally never had this but I seem to remember someone posting about this before and apparently it is to do with ketosis........although don't quote me on it!
Kind of, more like its steadily closing up. I mentioned it to a work colleague after my breakfast shake, and she said it looks as though my throat/ neck was swollen- I'm not sure though. It went down after a few hours, but within 5-10 minutes of finishing my lunchtime shake it was back again. It's really unpleasant, like someone is slowly strangling me!

I'm probably being silly, but I haven't had my 3rd pack as the feeling hasn't quite subsided and I'm struggling to even get my water down at the moment

The blocked throat feeling was what I was replying to.
If it feels and looks swollen I would maybe ring the pharmacist tomorrow and check with them, or contact Lipotrim.
ill have a look about and see if i can find that thread that you mentioned.
just had a look at some old threads...you're right it rubyred its just a sign of ketosis. it'll go soon enough:)
Thanks for the responses so far. I'm hoping this is nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm considering giving NHS Direct a call. The only thing is I'm worried they might tell me to stop drinking the shakes, and I really don't want to do that!

I'm going to make my 3rd shake and see how I get on, because I'm starting to feel a bit giddy and I don't usually leave it this late

it didnt really say .... i cant imagine for long. can you maybe drink through a straw in the meantime? but if it does carry on do call nhs direct
Thanks Kels, I've been drinking through a straw today anyway, as I thought it might help. I'm pleased it sounds like nothing to worry about, other than being a pain in the bum. I'll keep an eye on it though, and check it out if it persists.



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Hi nicky...

Is it possible your getting a throat infection??

Personnally I would consult your doctor.. Isnt the feeling of your throat closing over what happens to people who have a nut allergy?

I would check to be on the safe side chick xxx
Never had nothing like that personally
:dwhen i first started taking the shakes i get this pain through my throat and wind pipe it feels like i wanna be sick but it stopped x
Hmm, never thought about a throat infection- I've never had one before so that could be a possibility. I'm not allergic to nuts, or indeed to any food I don't think.

Thanks everyone for the advice- I did experience the same thing again after my last shake; who knows what's going on? I'm less worried now though, but I will definitely have a chat with the pharmacist when I get weighed (have to wait till day 8 though, as I can't make it down there tomorrow).

If it gets any worse though I will definitely speak to the doctor, just in case



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yeh defo consult yer docter and the place u get yer lipotrim from see what they both say


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Hi Nicky,
Sorry you are having a difficulty but even if you can't see your pharmacist, please ring them. It's wise to get things checked out, even if it is just to put your mind to rest. I haven't experienced what you have but I am allergic to the soup, lips swelled and felt like razor blades in them. Wishing you all the best with it.


I *will* be skinny again!
ohh...that doesn't sound good! i'd definetly get it checked out just incase you have an allergy to anything in the shakes. good luck! :)
To be honest i would see your pharmacist asap.....if you can drink other things with no ill effects then speak to them soon. Better safe than sorry!

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