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A couple of questions :)


I posted yesterday about starting the diet, and have now spoke to a CDC and booked my first session for the end of August (after my and her holidays!)

I know I could email my CDC and ask these questions, but I don't want to feel I'm bothering her before I've even paid her any money :)

So ... Do I need to get my doctor to sign anything before I start the diet?

The packet soups/shakes are they very hard to mix? I usually have breakfast and lunch at work, so can't use anything electric.

I've been hooked on this forum since I found it, and am inspired by the amount of weight people have lost, plus everyone seems so friendly and not cliquey as I've found other Weight Loss forums to be :) I hope to get to know you all a lot better when I start my diet :)

Thanks in advance

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Cambridge Counsellor
Hello LesleyT,
Firstly welcome to the beginning of your Cambridge weightloss journey.

Your CDC should have gone through a Medical Record Form with you and if you need it signed by your GP they should let you know. Not everyone needs a signature from GP.

Ready mades are easier if you find it difficult to mix the shakes at work but the soups are just like cuppa soups so pretty easy to make.

The Mix a Mousse is a powder geletine that can be put into one of the powder milkshakes and turns it into a mousse.

Hope that helps




Wants to be a loser!
Hi Lesley,

I am glad that the appointment with your cdc went well.

About your questions - from memory you only have to get a doctor to sign a form for CD if your bmi >/=40 or if you are taking any medication or have any medical conditions (ie you meet any of the contra-indicated criteria mentioned in the pink CD introduction book). When I started my cdc asked me about medication and conditions, checked my bmi and I had to fill out a medical declaration (luckily I did not need a doc's signature) - chances are if you have done all that with your councillor today then you probably don't need a doctors signature to be able to proceed.

As for mixing the shakes I do much prefer them made with a blender as it makes them really frothy and light. However, I am away on holiday at the moment and am using a maximuscle shaker (no electricity required!) to mix them at the moment - it does leave the shake with a few small lumps but nothing too major. I usually only have to have one shake at work and usually take a tetra because I am lazy ;) and can't be bothered to take my shaker.

I hope that helps - sorry if this has crossed posts with anyone else!!

Good luck with CD Lesley - looking forward to getting to know you better too :)


Wants to be a loser!
:sign0007: sorry - I thought you had been for your first appointment - should have read your post more thoroughly :doh:.


Wants to be a loser!
Oh and if you did decide to mix your shakes at work - you can get shakers on the high street from Boots or Holland and Barrett (they are next to the protein build up protein shakes/supplements lol) for about £4. ANd I think I also read somewhere on here that you can also get them from ebay too.

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