A dampener to a good night . . .


Fighting Demons....
Hi all,

I am confused (for a change!) I went out last night with the girls. We had a fab night, danced for hours and drank loads of water! Not even tempted by the alcohol or anything! I was really impressed. Even getting used to some (sometimes unwanted) male attention!! And I managed to go the kebab shop without caving in. All in all, a very successful night! I was really impressed, especially in comparison to the last night out at Halloween where I was so upset.
However, towards the end of the night I started to get a little bit of a headache, then when I got home, made myself a hot chocolate while the girls were eating their kebabs and chips, sat down and felt really really sick, and quite light headed. Five minutes later I was really sick. Just typical isn't it. I'm the one who wasn't drinking, and I am the one who threw up!! Do you think I maybe overdid the excercise or something, I mean it wasn't dehydration because I was drinking all night! Just can't work it out!

Leaving it on a positive note, my cousin, whose birthday it was, told me it was the best birthday she'd ever had and that I am living proof you don't need alcohol to have a good time as I was still on the podium dancing 5 hours after we started!!

B x
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Aww well done for not caving. Maybe it was all the smells getting to you? There has been a sickness bug going around though. You are doing amazingly well :)

Emma xXx


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That must have been an awful way to end a great evening. Maybe you just overdid it, got overheated did loads of exercise and then your system decided it was too much to add 'food' into the mix.

I'll bet that a few months ago you could have done all the drinking and the kebab and chips and not blinked an eye!

Well done you for having a great night out and proving that you don't have to get hammered to have a good time.

Cherry Plum

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bekimo you were so strong on your night out, you got through some major stuff!
Sorry you were sick.
I think as Raeb said it was propbably a bit much for your body.
Anyway well done.


Fighting Demons....
Yeh, I think you're right. I'm pretty sure I just got carried away! I must remember that my body is running low on calories!

Thanks peeps!

B x


Fighting Demons....
I know! But I couldn't help myself!! The more I think about it, the more I think I just totally over did it all weekend. What with jumping about at the gig on Thursday, and dancing on Saturday, and climbing up my filing cabinet (again) today, it's no wonder I was sick. Rebellious child "I'll dance if I damn well want to I don't care if my body can handle it or not" moment!
I feel this weekend will be either AMAZING weightloss. Or very very disappointing!! :rolleyes:

B x