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A diary of a slimming world consultant

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by rosierose15, 12 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    I have been accepted to be a consultant I go away to training tomorrow. The past few weeks have gone so quick I had to do 6 diplomas online, do pre training and annoy people on Facebook and twitter about my new group. I've had to visit numerous different groups pretty much every day. I have been so busy my diet has slipped, after doing 4 hours of exams the last thing I wanted to do was cook a meal so I have been lazy.

    I'm going to start a diary now including my food and work stuff for those interested in being a consultant. Starting today which has not been on plan at all!! So excuse my bad foods I'm going to be on plan 100% tomorrow. I promise. Need to set a good example :)

    Tuesday 12th December

    Worked all day until 4 then went home had a quick bath and then went to a group about 20 mins away to observe the consultant and the group as the group is upto "flag ship" standard. Then I got a phone call from head office asking if I have any questions. If I'm ready to training tomorrow. I am going to derby until Saturday to do my first part of training. I came home and packed my bags and made a scan bran cake I'm going to try tomorrow.

    Food today was so awful I can't actually wait to eat something healthy tomorrow!! Got all the badness out my system!! I've had lots of chocolate and biscuits, a massive wenzils sandwich, and macdonalds quarter pounder cheese meal :-( of dear. I'm so busy with slimming world stuff and my own full time job I'm not concentrating on myself.

    Well all that is going to change tomorrow. Back on plan for myself. Ive gained about 5 pounds but im going to get rid of that!! Go me!

    Rosie xx
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  3. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    Good luck at training tomorrow Rosie, what time do you go?

    will be interesting to read your diary. I have a date for my opportunity event going to get a sitter so me and boyfriend can go, will be good for him to hear the financial side of it all as well.
  4. Abbysmom

    Abbysmom Full Member

    Goid luck xx I got asked to do this years ago but was finishing uni and had trained to be a nurse so didn't do it but reckon I'd love it x

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  5. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

  6. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    When I was at my ops event there was a couple of people there with their partners. Kinda wish I took someone with me. X
  7. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    If your as passionate about slimming world as me u will love it. I have done so much work already for it and I have loved every minute. Very intense and time consuming but rewarding too x
  8. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    Food update:

    I had scan bran cake and toffee yoghurt and banana for breakfast. Half a chocolate for 1.5 syns and a hi fi light bar.

    Lunch was savoury rice with 1/4 of melon and a muller Greek yoghurt for half a syn

    Sw update: 20 boxes of stock has just arrived at my house. Got to find space for it!!
  9. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    20 boxes, blimey! How exciting though :)

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  10. Nellylou

    Nellylou Gold Member

    Good luck Rosie, youll be a fab consultant x
  11. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    Soooo many boxes!!


    Good job I'm away for a couple of nights coz I got no where to sleep!! Lol such a shame I got to leave in an hour I just want to go through and open them all!! Lol

    Had an email from hq saying my leaflets and banner are in order so I'll have even more boxes coming arrgghh!! Lol

    Food update: afternoon snack of a clementine. Going to have a cheese omlette with beans for dinner. Chopped melon for the car journey and 2 hi fi lights before bed.

    Total syns-3
  12. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    Just ate 2 hi fi bars so syns for today is 15 syns
  13. louise1982

    louise1982 Silver Member

    Good luck. This is something I would love to do in the future.
  14. CountryCottage

    CountryCottage Full Member

    Found your post. Will be so interested to hear anything about the training in Derbyshire, and the hotel!
    Hope it goes really well for you. Enjoy the role plays haha x
  15. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    I'm at the hotel now, sharing with a lady I met at pre training thank goodness would have cost me 105 pound other wise!!

    It's a nice hotel, took about 3 hours to get here. Already met another lady in the Lobby doing training think there's quite a few of us here. Could be fun lol.

    Going to sleep now got to get up at 7.30 for breakfast and things. Got to be at head quarters for 9 x
  16. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    hi im subscribing to this as id love to be a consulatant one day will be an interesting read. good luck :D xx
  17. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    The way I see it. If u want to do it then do it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I'm going to do it with a full time job and I'll be honest the last few weeks I havnt even had half an hour free time and I'm expecting that for the next 3 months but I'm hoping it will b worth it in the end x
  18. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    I'm sat in the slimming world head quarters now. What a beautiful place. The people are so friendly. We're sat in the restaurant all slimming world friendly and slimming world puddings marked with syn values. Just waiting until half 9 for the course to start x
  19. rosierose15

    rosierose15 Silver Member

    Breakfast at the hotel- omlette with beans and grilled tomatoes. Cup of tea.

    Snack- hi fi light bar.
  20. CountryCottage

    CountryCottage Full Member

    how has today gone at training? Are some people driving in daily or all staying at the hotel?
  21. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Hope it went well today! X

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