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A dieting patch

When I started to lose weight this time, I was full of optimism and determined that this was going to be the last time, definitely the last time, I had to lose this amount of weight. Then life took over! Stupid things like weddings, holidays, guiding camps (I am a brownie leader), celebratory parties and meals. All these things seem to involve so much food! I tried to keep quiet about dieting this time, I felt I could without the well meaning comments from people, however kindly meant, you know the ones, 'How are you doing?', 'how much have you lost now?', 'go on.. one cream cake won't make much difference'. So the only people who knew, were me, my husband and my daughter. I liken my diet to stopping smoking, and the only way I did that was to get pregnant! That method doesn't quite work with dieting, and I'm too old now anyway to be going through all that again. I keep fruit near me constantly, I try to avoid situations where sweet things are involved, but when is someone going to invent a patch, they could call it 'dietinhell', as opposed to the nicotine ones for smoking. All I can say, is 'thank god' for this site, and thank you to you all for the support and encouragement I find on here.
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Id be the first one in the queue if they did! xxx


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There is the pink patch but they don't really work. I used to use crave control patches that you stick on your lower arm and sniff regularly, they work on overstimulating the olfactory senses and satisfy the craving but I don't think they are still available.


Personal Trainer
I wish there was such a simple answer...:wave_cry:

i went to my doctors once....when i was at my heaviest.....and she turned to me and said....
"i will give you the best dietary advice there is"

so i leaned forward...waiting....

she said

"shut your gob"


i could have scratched her eyes out!

even so...it gave me the motivation i needed!:D


Personal Trainer
heard on the radio today that they are trying to ban the advertising for the pink patch :eek:....apparently they have no scientific evidance to back up there claims and loosing a stone in 2 weeks is not within healthy limits :eek:


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The Pink Patch is pushed in everyones faces too much. The ingredients all have fat burning and appetite supressing qualities when taken orally but there is no proof that they have the same effect when absorbed through the skin
my friend had these sticker patches for a while but she said that she couldnt see how they were working so she gave that up.
I didn't know there was a patch! But I agree, the minimims patch is the best, it really helps me. I have just returned from holiday, having lost one pound!!!!!! and we went out for meals five times in the week. I don't quite know what is different this time for me, but long may it continue. On reflection, I think it is all about choices, and I choose to lose weight, so making my determination greater, so I choose to limit my daily intake if I am going to a restaurant for a meal, and even then I choose the healthy low fat options, that is the raspberry sorbet and not the 'death by chocolate'. I wish I could put into words the way I feel without sounding self-righteous. But suffice to say, the longer I go down this road, the better I feel. I wish for all of you to feel as good as I do.


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It's not self righteous hun, I have been in that mind-set and it feels so good doesn't it?! I remember going out for a day trip and munching on fruit salad while everyone was having ice cream and it felt sooooo good! I want that back!