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A fellow says hello!

S: 19st13lb C: 19st13lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all, I've been doing Weight Watchers for five weeks now after being referred there by my GP (with a book of vouchers). I'm finding it quite easy to do, probably because I've got such a lot of points to use! I'm also spending lots on Weight Watchers food at the moment as it's easier to count the points that way. I do plan to start doing receipes soon though.

I want to lose a lot of weight as I've been carrying mine around for so many years and I've lost count of the opportunities missed due to being self-conscious and depressed. My ultimate goal is to drop 8 1/2 stone which would put me right in the middle of my healthy BMI zone. I've lost 15.5 pounds so far and although it's a long way still to go, I'm determined to see it through.

I look forward to having a browse through here and getting some hints and tips. There doesn't seem to be many blokes on here though, just like my class in fact!


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Go on smile! =)
S: 19st7lb C: 14st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 5st2lb(26.37%)

Hey you found me! Welcome to the forums robot. =]
S: 27st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 6st8lb(24.02%)
make that 2 - a revolt is happening !!

Im doing WW too, have to be honest Im not a great one for reciepes, but happy to live on chicken or fish with salads...which is happy days points wise....I also have shed loads :D but i hope to reduce them soon !!

Good luck with the weight loss fella....Im sure you will be a genuine studmonkey before long :)
S: 19st10lb C: 19st4lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.7 Loss: 0st6lb(2.17%)
Hi! I'm a newbie, and a big fellow!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st2lb(1.02%)
Hi Wayne

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your weight loss. Sounds like you have got it well sussed.
S: 25st2lb C: 24st5lb BMI: 58.5 Loss: 0st11lb(3.13%)
I am fairly new to this site too, but I am sure you will find it a wonderful source of information and support.
S: 19st13lb C: 19st13lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Wayne

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your weight loss. Sounds like you have got it well sussed.
I think so! I'm obssessed with numbers and lists anyway so counting food points is quite enjoyable. First thing I did was buy the Food and Eating Out books and calculator so I know exactly what I'm having each day. Worst thing was working out the points value of things I used to eat every day without thinking about. Like Kit Kats, 5 points for 4 fingers! I'll have that with a cup of tea and it would be gone in no time. As for takeaways and fast food, I realised I was probably eating double the points or more that I should have been.
S: 18st1lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 5st5lb(29.64%)
Good luck with it Wayne .. keep up that positive attitude and it will be lose lose lose all the way.
S: 15st0lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st6lb(9.52%)
Welcome!!! See you're not the only bloke on here! lol
Welldone on your 15.5lbs loss, that's so great! Goodluck with weightwatchers... I find it good because it's so versatile and you can eat everything so long as you count it!
cookies xxx

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