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A few jeans questions...

big bear

A bear on a mission!
My size 18 jeans keep falling down & I've got a baggy bum. I'm going to treat myself to a new pair of jeans & want to get the best shape for me.

I've got big hips & bum (my problem areas) would I be better getting bootcut or flares?

Also has anyone bought any from Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys, if so are these any good? I just don't want to buy expensive jeans as I don't intend to be in 16's for long (positive thinking lol)

Which shop would be a generous size 16 as I'm not sure if I'm quite into 16's yet so need slightly stretchy if you know what I mean.

I'm ordering online as can't get out to the shops so any advice would be fabulous
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adores posting
hi there ive just managed to start fitting into size 12s and have bought myself two pairs of designer jeans (NEXT & M&co) total cost £6.00 what a bargain second hand shops do great deals why not try there i mean lets face it you're not going to be in them for long so why spend a fortune we have one near the village school and alot of the parents meet in the local charity shop before going to collect our little ones its handy.
i like dorothy perkins personally there quite generous and stretchy and you can return them to the shop i believe if you order online and they dont fit and go for a bootcut there very flattering
hope that helps :)
I have 2 pairs, both from M&S. One size 18 1 size 16.

Find they are very stretchy ( I ride a motorbike so have to bend knees a lot).

But I think they can be quite expensive, but you can return to store if brought online if they were no good.
As you know BB I don't shop in any of those stores but when I was going down in size Ellebear very kindly sent me some jeans she could no longer wear cos she was tinier. They are the best, most comfortable, flattering jeans I have ever had. Sadly they are now to big for me......sadly cos I loved them not cos I am thinner now.

They are the first thing on my shopping list for my next U.K. trip.

They are.....John Rocha from Debenhams and I think they are what you would call straight legged jeans.

My problem areas are the same as yours.

Why not post in the clothes exchange at the top of the page ??

Look on Google for them as well. There are a lot of cheaper options than Debenhams. I have also seen them on ebay.

Great feeling when your jeans are falling down.Don't you just love it when you can take them off without undoing them lol !!!
Hi there

I have just ordered some stuff off La Redoute (got some cracking bargains)
I have ordered these in a 14 (to slim into -soon hopefully) but they have a 16 too..
and they have stretch too ;)
with my discount code I got them for £9.36 instead of £39 :bunnydance: .. Its well worth a look on there as they have great sales... as my bank account can testify to :p
Hope it helps,,,

I got these for £4.75 too
Thanks for the reminder Capricorn I had forgotten all about La Redoute. I hae some really nice things from them in the past.

Definitely worth a look B.B.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Capricorn that site is fab, I'm going to be bashing that credit card lol
Capricorn that site is fab, I'm going to be bashing that credit card lol
I plead "not guilty" to leading you astray :D
It has become my fave site -they are good quality from there too... I beat heck out of my debit card and can't wait until I hit target as Im going to go crazy in there, as it is I think they are affordable enough whilst we are all slimming down....
I have just ordered several things including a dress down from £49 - £12.25 and a jacket from £49 down to £9.80
check you have a code that may take a little of some items...
Hiya for advice on jeans have a look at channel 4 website on beauty. Gok Wan has a site there and if you put in your body shop it suggests the best clothes for your shape.

I'm another lover of Dorothy Perkins. If you want cheap jeans why not try M&S outlet if there is one near you. They do 40% off the original price.

Well done on losing weight and shrinking down x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I would look on Ebay and maybe get wide leg jeans BB! they are super trendy what with the 70's revival going on!

here are a pair i have found in size 16 that i think would be awesome:

Fat Face size 16 wide leg "shore 2" dark indigo jeans on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 17:28:09 GMT)

or these boyfriend style will be equally great! the boyfriend fit are slouchy so look more casual.

newlook boyfriend jeans size 16 on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 12:58:49 GMT)
Hey I bid on the fat face ones & they've gone up to £16 so stopped but I'm the highest bidder on the others...

Thanks BBXX

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi hun!

I have such a problem with jeans as I have a small (in comparison to elsewhere :p) waist, huge hips and a non existent bum!

I recently picked up some cheap jeans from asda - they were £12.50 and they have them in all kinds of shapes and colours! Not to mention short, reg and long!
I got a short 18 and I can't quite zip them up (although, but surprise - they are all the way up my thighs for once!)

I find asda sizes small in general - I used to have to get a size 22 in trousers from there - so perhaps these jeans are on the snug snide (since my size 20 trousers/jeans are falling off) I think they're either small of I'm on the bigger end of an 18-20 :D

hope this helps - you'll look fab no matter what! x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Well I'm happy to report I got 1 pair of Dorothy Perkins jeans BNWT for £7.50 and a pair of Republic jeans for £7 off Ebay. I'm delighted with my bargains but now a bit scared in case they don't fit me...I guess I'll fit them soon if not X

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
big bear said:
Well I'm happy to report I got 1 pair of Dorothy Perkins jeans BNWT for £7.50 and a pair of Republic jeans for £7 off Ebay. I'm delighted with my bargains but now a bit scared in case they don't fit me...I guess I'll fit them soon if not X
COURSE they will slinky!! x

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