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a few observations on how i got here...

the past couple of days i have been thinking about a few things, firstly and its really obvious where "slimmer" people generally know when to stop eating i don't i think about how much i used to eat and what i see my family eat and i am genuinely shocked.

and secondly where i am generally laid back i put on a few pounds and i think its only a few pounds, and them pounds get some more friendly pounds, and here i am today,where my slimmer friends put on a couple of pounds and act NOW!

so i started my weight loss journey around 9stone above my target weight, and i have about 6stone left to lose, and i know these are things i have to keep in mind :)
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Totally know where you are coming from, I see it in my 14 year old son (thank god) he is naturally slim and never eats if he is not hungry. He often leaves food on his plate and I have never made him clear his plate and I'm hoping his habits will stay with him for life so he never has to feel the way I feel about weight
My mother and father are both obese. Neither of them really have any sense of portion control or healthy eating, and I long ago gave up trying to get them to see what it is they're doing to themselves.

I was an overweight teen, and my mother was always pointing out how fat I was when I was growing up, but with the benefit of hindsight I now see that actually, I probably wasn't to begin with but being told I was turned me into what I am (plus, it wasn't like she was setting me the best example in the world with her own eating habits.)

And then there's my brother, who is a completely different kettle of fish - always been an appropriate weight, eats when he's hungry and only eats as much as he needs to. He's really active, which obviously helps, and he's certainly not immune to putting on weight. I suppose the best way to describe it is like you said, Jim, he just chooses not to. He notices pounds creeping on slowly, and he does something about it then and there before it becomes a problem.

It's the existence of my brother that's always given me hope that one day I will be a healthy and appropriate weight, and that it's certainly not inevitable that I'll turn into my mother (which has always been a fear).
Good post, it is good to stop and think about where we need to change our habits and to be able to see where we are going wrong is great :)

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