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  1. Tranquilize

    Tranquilize Member

    Hi there,
    i would be extremely gratefull if some avid atkiner's could answer the following questions:

    how long should i spend in the "induction" stage?

    am i allowed to drink diet drinks? like diet coke? i heard that i should drink decafe diet coke as the caffeine effects the weight loss - is that true?

    is it true i will get bad breath?

    what are some good snacks?

    EDIT: and what on earth is ketosis?

    thanks, much love!
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  3. PennyJane

    PennyJane Full Member

    Induction lasts 14 days but you can go on for longer.

    Re. what you can/can't eat. Read all labels, all carbs need to be 0.0, Pepsi max is 0.0 for example.

    I don't get bad breath but the majority do, apparently.

    Pork scratchins are good snacks, ham, chicken, eggs.

    There is a good Atkins book out but if you'd prefer then read the stickies at the top of the page. They're full of info!
  4. Boogaloo

    Boogaloo Full Member

    IIRC the book states that induction should last 2 weeks, however I'm fairly sure that some stay on induction for much longer, as induction is usually the period which you can figure out what does and doesn't work for you.

    Some people are fine with diet drinks, others however do not lose, due to either the caffine, the sweetner or the citric acid.

    The bad breath issue is due to the body releasing ketones. Drink plenty of water and you should not suffer from this.

    Snacks that I always have "on the ready" so to speak includes:

    Pork scratchings

    Hard boiled eggs

    Cheese cut into cubes (although I'm off cheese at the moment, due to working out what works for me during induction)

    Sugar free jelly & a drop of fresh cream

    Atkins day break bars (I try not to have too many of these as the original & early edition books did not allow these bars on induction)

    There are also some fab recipes posted on here.
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  5. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Ur a fibber Penny, can smell ya from here! Hehe, kidding love. ;-)

    In the book it recommends no more than 1-2 cups of normal caffeinated tea/coffee a day. Diet drinks are allowed but the citric acid in some stall some people and can affect ketosis. Pepsi max/coke zero have no carbs and no citric acid so i stick to those but usually only a can a day as a treat. Ketosis is the state your body gets into when you restrict your carb intake (20g net carbs per day on induction). Your body then starts using stored fat as an energy source and good side effects of this happening are increased energy (in some), good weight loss, feeling fuller for longer so less cravings which helps you stay on the straight n narrow. Bad effects are like you mentioned, the ol ketosis breath for some.
  6. Hooya

    Hooya Full Member

    On the bad breath issue, I wish I could tell, sometimes my man says that I do, but then says he is only saying it to wind me up! :sign0151:

    Have been mouthwashing just in case!
  7. Tranquilize

    Tranquilize Member

    thanks alot guys for the speedy response :)

    does anyone know where i can get pork scratchings in the UK?
  8. Boogaloo

    Boogaloo Full Member

    Almost every supeermarket sells them. Tesco do my favorite brand which are Mr Porkys! :)
  9. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi and welcome

    all the above really.

    I stayed on Induction for 6 months which is the longest reccomended time, but I did have a lot to lose.

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