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1. No chewing gum, listerine strips are ok as is spray breath freshener (sugar free).
2.No flavoured sparkling water, no coke zero, but yes normal sparkling water.
3.No to bars in week 1.

It's kind of hardcore....


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I have sugar free dum, chew for a few mins now and then and spit out, the reason you shouldn't is because it can start your gastric juices flowing and you could get hungry - at least I think that's why? But I never have any problems !
I have sugar free gum and its never knocked me out of ketosis or reduced my weight loss. Although, i do know that it makes you feel hungry, so beware! :)
Hi vibez,

Welcome and good luck for your journey.

Listerine strips are usually available in the supermarket or chemist... not sure why you couldn't see them. I carry a travel size mouthwash with me, a mouth spray - retardex and that kind a covers the carpet mouth. I don't go near chewing gum as it makes me hungry.

Sparkling water is ok, flavoured isn't in week 3 you can have bars and water flavouring. I also don't go near coke zero as I noticed it stalled my weight loss on my previous attempt (6st)

Some CDC's allow you to have the two crunch bars in week one as they are lower in carbs than the other types.

Once again good luck and any other ???s just pop on and ask... we are a pretty friendly bunch.

Anne-Marie xx
Re the listerine, I couldn't see it at morrisons will go to tesco or Asda im sure i will find it there..

In my first week i did drink 2 cans of coke zero before i asked the question on here and chewing gum which didnt make me hungry.. luckily i still managed to lose 7 lbs maybe cause i did a lot of walking.

This is my second week and have again lost 5lbs this week but had 4 bars in this week simply cause i was goin mad of not being able to chew, so glad i still managed to lose weight.


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I had a half pint of coke zeo last night as we had people over (my first) it didn't actually taste that nice to me hahaha !

I chew gum now and then and spit it out, and have sparkling water with flavouring sometimes, planning to go to a BBQ in Setp and going to take my summer berries and add some to my glass of sparkling !


Shut up Ethel
Coke zero is VILE I am afraid so I don't have it.
Chewing gum....try it. see if it makes you hungry, if not then fine.
Flavoured waters, this is completely unofficial and I'm sure I'll get told off again, but in the real world you may well find you are ok with things that have MALIC acid rather than those that have CITRIC acid. just check the label. they're a bit few and far between but they do exist.

Citric acid can play hell with ketosis, malic acid seems to be ok. But as usual, if it stalls your loss, then stop. Everyone is different!


Needs to stop eating!!
1. Yes SF gum is allowed but its up to personal preference really.
2. As far as I know flavoured Sparkling water is fine(I have about a ltr a day)
3. In theory you CAN have bars from the 1st week....but it is recommended you wait until week 3 so ketosis is well established.

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