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    So, i bit the bullet today and joined a gym, got my induction tommorrow morning... It seems to be a cool place, very relaxed atmosphere, Lets hope this helps! Does anyone else here use a gym? What sort of things should i take with me? What clothing should i take? (sorry for the questions, but i would really like some help, and sorry if this is in the worng place!).


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    No diet just running and weight training.
    are you gonna have a shower there?...if so youl need your moisterisure and towels.

    i dont go gym but i have been. i walked in, and there was this man fully naked...i was shocked lool.

    obviosly take comfortable cloths. ideally you would wear t shirt and shorts, because they give you the most flexibility, but i know some people arent comforatble with those clothing, so just a decent pair of jogging bottoms would do.

    and water?, im sure youll need water.

    wat workout routine you plannin to do? just cardio, or weights?....or combination?...
  4. Gromskar

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    Well, i was going to do cardio more than anything. As i want to get rid of the layer of fat i have on my stomach/pecs. I'm probably not going too shower as i'll (if i can) jog home and shower at home.
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    Congratulations on taking the first step of joining the gym.

    What to take? It depends on the gym. If it's a swanky one they'll provide towels otherwise I would take a small one with you for mopping up the sweat. It's also courtesy to wipe down any weight machines after use.

    Likewise they'll probably provide a source of water but you might want to take your own bottle so you don't have to keep refilling cups.

    If you're doing cardio take an MP3 player or if they have TVs you might need to take headphones with one of those larger sockets. I would also take a banana or cereal bar for refuelling

    Clothes wise just something comfortable - T-shirt and shorts/jogging pants. A decent pair of trainers, particularly if you're running - from a specialist shop rather than a high street chain. And probably some sort of light jacket/fleece for the jog home so you stay warm.

    But most of all just enjoy yourself!
  6. BeckyB

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    My advise would just become comfortable in the environment and start to enjoy yourself, i know when I started in a new gym I was pretty nervous, but found most of the things I was nervous about were just things I made up in my head!
    When you become comfortable with the equipment you'll be flying around the gym andlosing the weight in no time!
    Have fun hun
    Bex x
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