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A few questions :)

Hi All,

I'm not new to the site but I am new to the Exante way of dieting!!! :confused:

I'm currently half following the slimming world plan and finding the flexibility allows me to cheat! I strictly followed south beach diet in the summer last year and lost quite a bit, but found prepping the meals a bit time consuming! So ended up giving up on that!!! I'm hoping to start Exante at the 1st Jan 2011... New year, new me! Hopefully :)

I have a few questions after reading the online guide. . .

I'd like to start on the total solution, however, wondering where I go from here! Does this then mean after I've lost a bit, I should move on to the working solution? And then the healthy solution? Or do I keep on the total plan until I am at my ideal weight? Or does this not really matter? Should I just be following whatever is confortable for me? I think it'd help if there were some guidelines on this for me, even if I just set the guidelines myself beforehand!

(I hope all that made sense) :confused:

Also, is there any preparations I should do in the week (or fortnight) leading up to the diet? Cutting down on carbs etc?

Any advice would be appreciated as I have never done a VLCD before.

Thanking you ;) xx
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hi, i think most people start out doing total solution. i am going to start adding a meal now as i am really craving food although not hungry just need to munch!!
do whatever you feel will fit with your own needs.
when first starting you might get headaches before going into ketosis and ketosis can take 3 to 6 days to get to but once your there you wont feel hungry and you will have lots more energy.
good luck ;)
Thank you :) I might try start just after xmas then so I can be in ketosis before I have to go back to work! I don't think I'm going to be very nice to be around until that happens hehe. Thanks again :D
You could lose 10lbs in the first week if u are really strict with yourself. The trick is preparing by going low carb before you start.

Also when you have lost your weight if you start eating like you used to you end up putting it all on again. It's important then to follow the maintenance program so this doesn't happen. I read somewhere it can take several months before your body settles to it's new eating regime, it's all good if you go in with a goal in mind. I find total solution easier as i am an all or nothing sort of person. I'm not really worrying too much about the next stages just now, I think in the future i will have to stick to low carb all the time as it always seems to work for me.

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