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A few questions ??

ok as u all know im starting 790 today !! just wonderd does yur body still go into ketosis ?? cos i thought it was ketosis that stoped u feeling hungry ?? so im gonna have my 3 shakes plus my meal im jst owrried that if i dont go into it i will be starving ??
as i found on ss i wasnt hungry ?
sorry for all questions thankyou xxx:confused:
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Being in ketosis on 790 is common but not necessarily a given.

Some people are more carb-sensitive than other do find that the small increase in carbs is sufficient to knock them out of ketosis.

Personally I found was in ketosis most of the time while on 790 - If I ate my food allowance + milk all at once this could sometimes throw me out of ketosis - splitting my allowances into a lunch and dinner seemed to sort that out though.

As for feeling hungry I did not feel hungry on 790 at all - in fact some days I struggled to eat all my allowance plus the 3 packs!

Good luck lady - let us know how you get on :).
Hi there

From personal experience I was in ketosis on 790 and didn't feel hungry at all. I came out of ketosis when I moved up to 1000.

Good luck with it!



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Im in ketosis on 790, I usually hit ketosis end of day 2/3, this week Ive been testing every day just to check that Im not being knocked out ... nope, nice pink stick each day. Everyone is different though as said above, some can be more sensitive to carbs than others?

Good luck, drink plenty of water regularly, thats the magic key to this diet.

Mrs B

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Hiya, I've just done a week of 790 (my first week on cd) and haven't been hungry at all. In fact I was struggling to eat everything which, believe me, is a huge difference to how I was before! I lost 7lbs too :D.

As others have said though, everyone is different.

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