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A Few Questions

Sorry if this is the wrong subforum but it doesn't really fit anywhere haha.

Okay so, being a vegetarian with IBS, SW is very slow and tiring for me. Some days it is fun and easy but there are times when I really don't want to cook a big carb-packed meal. I also miss out on some protein because I can't eat all the suggested meat and am not a huge fan of eggs or quorn. Suffice to say, it's a lot of effort for me to lose between 0 and 1 lbs a week!

I've been looking at MR plans and this one sounds the least disgusting... But do you think it would be possible to follow SW 5 days of the week, then replace my meals with Exante products for the remaining 2 days?

. Would Exante still work as a 5:2 plan?
. Are the meals absolutely disgusting?
. Is this a crazy and stupid idea?
. If it does work as a 5:2, do my 2 "fast" days need to be consecutive, or can I choose them depending on how I feel each morning?

Thank you- love and luck to all x
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Hi. I think it sounds like a reasonable idea. As far as I know, the fasting days on a 5:2 plan don't have to be consecutive. I think that Exante products are recommended for use in a 5:2 plan as a follow-on after losing weight on Exante and as a way to reintroduce food for weight maintenance. I would expect it to work.
I've only tried the shakes on Exante so far but they are very nice.
Of course you would not go into ketosis on just 2 days per week of Exante, so you can expect to feel pretty hungry on those days. It will take a lot of will power to be strict with it, but being strict is the only way that approach can work.
Thank you very much for your reply! I'll order some while it's on offer and see how it goes, I might decide to just try the TMR for 4 weeks instead and give my weightloss a quick boost- we'll see!

You're a star, thanks again~☆ x
I have heard on this forum of people combining SW and Exante successfully, I plan to switch to SW for maintenance once I shift the bulk of the weight to reteach me a balanced diet.
I'm quite enjoying the Exante meals so far, nothing has been completely inedible thank goodness.
Thank you so much!
I'm going to see how I've done at weigh-in on Wednesday and if I'm still not shifting weight then I think I'll order some Exante products. I feel sorta like a quitter but I'm trying really hard at SW and it's been 4 weeks since I had a loss and it's starting to seem not worth it for all the effort and expense and deprivation, you know?
Not sure if I'll try a couple of weeks on TMR or if I'll 5:2 it, though!
Good luck on your journey, Bubble! x

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