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A few Questions...


Slowly but surely!
Hi All

Ive been trying to decide which diet to try next lol as im struggling not to nibble constantly, thought id never manage with shakes but a friend of mine has convinced me that If I couldnt eat at all It may help prevent me if that makes sense lol I want to loose 5 - 6 stone and would really really like to do this by october! Big ask I know. Was going to try Go Lower but after the consultation realised it was going to cost me £60+ a week!! I am a single mum with 2 toddlers so too much for me, I read through the Lipotrim treads last night (took forever :) ) and I am really impressed and would love for it to work for me. I am in Reading, Berkshire and the chemist is a little way away so am worried I may need an appointment, was just going to go after work today. Is anyone else from Reading? Did you need to make an appointment? I was also wondering if you could add no added sugar squash to the water?

Thanks all, if I do take on this diet I may drive you mad as im going to need all the support I can get x
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hey I would definitely recommend Lipotrim! I am hoping to lose another 6 stones by october and i think it is definitely possible. I have been on this for say about 13 ish solid weeks and have lost almost 3 stones. if you think of your monthly average loss as a stone then you'll definitely have lost 6 stones by october!

I tried lots of other diets but then finally realised that i needed by jaw locking and to be honest not having to think about what to eat works so much better... coz this diet is so strict you just tell yourself its shakes and water NOTHING else .. so you cant really stray from it because anything else you eat will ruin the diet! It really works... i think you should give it a go xxx..

i think the best thing to do is to call the pharmacy before you go down and ask them if its okay to drop in..
at my pharmacy i just drop in whenever for a weigh in etc.. but from this week they have changed it to appointments. GOOD LUCK XX
Hi mummyem you sound just like me! I tried all sorts of diets over the past few years but my sweet tooth and constant nibbling led to my failure every time. So i decided that it was all or nothing and took food out of the equation completely and went on LT and its the only successful diet ive ever done.

Now its tough in the first week especially when you have to cook dinner for everyone else but if you can muster up an iron willpower and live with the hunger pangs for 3 or 4 days i guarantee you will get through it and when you have your first weigh in and see all you've lost you will gladly keep going.
Lipotrim is a brilliant diet and i would advise it

as said the first week is tough but after that when you see the weight dropping off its all worth while

just make sure if you do it, to stick to it completely as otherwise its very dissapointing


Slowly but surely!
Thanks everyone, starting Monday so im sure ill be on here lots. Can someone tell me if you can use sugar free squash as im dreading plain water lol at least I can still have my coffee!
deffinatly go for it hun! theres nothing else i would personally recommend...

you shouldnt need an apointment,




maintaining since June'09
Deffo no squash but you can count green or peppermint tea as well as any other purely leaf herbal (not fruit) tea towards your water intake. Not ordinary tea or coffee though. You still need loads of water though - can you drink soda water?

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