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A few things to check


Happily pro pointing!
I am now obsessed with checking the carb content on everththing LOL, and have made a few discoveries which I would like to try but just want to check if they are ok to have.
I have completed induction and now on OWL.

Total greek yoghurt full fat - 3.2c per 100g
Unsweetened soya milk - 0.2c per 100g

These look fine carb wise but is there likely to be an issue including some.
I would much rather take the soya milk than cream in my tea and coffee (decaf, of course).

At what point can you start adding grains in? At only 25 per day there isn't room just yet, but I though that once I get up to around 50 or so then I could add in a small amount of porridge with soya milk or something like that.
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Big Boy
Hoe long did you stay on induction Ali? I stayed on for 6 months as I had lots to lose.


Happily pro pointing!
I have just done the 2 weeks, do you think I should stay with it for longer? Do you just stick to 20 carbs per day?
I have 59lbs to go and I want to get a good bit out of the way before the summer (end of July really, when I go away).
What is a realistic weekly loss do you think?
I'm still on induction four months later LOL


Happily pro pointing!
do you just stick to the 20 carbs per day?
do you add anything extra in or just the induction food list or is it straight induction?
Not sure I could cope without fruit for 4 months.


Big Boy
I had berries Ali, but factored them into my 20 carbs a day. I was very clean and green though, not Atkins products or any L/C S/F products. Yes I did do it for 6 months, I lost a regular 2 - 3lbs a week Ali, but people vary remember love.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Dairy produce is a funny one. I have lost steadily on Atkins whilst having up to 1/3 pint of full fat milk a day in decaf coffees and in my daily cup of full-caff tea (I *have* to have this in the morning!). That's both this year and when I lost 2.5 stone on Atkins back in 2000/2001. So it still works for me with a small amount of dairy - but as Jim says, everyone is different. You could try experimenting, but if you can live without milk/yoghurt, you're probably better off doing that just to be on the safe side.


Happily pro pointing!
Thanks guys
I am going to try a little bit and see, I would rather have a little of something than fall off the wagon totally.
If I can have a cup of tea some soya milk and a little fruit with yog then I think that might just get me through.

I though you were supposed to do induction then add 5 carbs a week until you reach optimum level, but I think I will stick at 20-25 for a few weeks and see how things go.
Thanks everyone for comments.
I'm not eating healthily, nor counting the carbs other than three for eggs, and 3 for 2 peperami, then the odd slice of corned beef. I reckon most days I am under 10. I was losing 2lb steadily, then started to drink too much again, so it has dropped to 1lb. Something I need to address.


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anna marie, do you count carbs for eggs - i thought they were carb fee?

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