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A few things to tell you...

I've not been able to come on here much over the last week so I've got a few things to tell you...

  • I celebrated my 30th birthday on Thursday and had a lovely day... without any food or alcohol! I took chocolates into work for everyone and wasn't even bothered. My husband and I just had a quiet night in, he even made my shakes for me!
  • As part of my birthday present my husband had to buy me a temporary engagement and wedding ring. Mine were so big I was in danger of losing them. When I get to target I'm going to have my 'real' ones made smaller but for now I've got two lovely, new, sparkly rings!
  • My birthday celebrations continue next weekend - me and 18 of my friends are going out in Manchester. It may be my birthday but I am the designated driver and will be on water! I can't wait!
  • When I started Lipotrim I told my husband he could still eat whatever he wanted, the only thing I asked was that he didn't have bacon. I knew the smell would drive me mad... until yesterday. I decided that I'm on the home straight now and nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal, not even bacon! So I made him bacon butties for lunch. It smelt delicious but I wasn't tempted.
  • On Friday I left the house wearing a pair of size 16 jeans from Next and a size 16 top! When I think back to the size 22/24 clothes I was wearing 15 weeks ago, it seems unreal!
  • I'm sat typing this and out of the corner of my eye I can see my husband's half eaten double chocolate muffin on the side in the kitchen. I know that pre-Lipotrim that muffin would've been long gone. Tonight though I know that when my husband gets home in a couple of hours it will still be there!
  • One of my favourite meals used to be jacket potato with grated cheese. This is a meal my poor husband has had to go without since June. However as a treat tonight, the potatoes are in the oven and the cheese is grated in the fridge! Bless him, he deserves it!
Think that's all I've got to tell you. Sorry if I've bored you but I'm really quite proud of myself!
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Thank you SO much for sharing that!

I LOVE hearing about how well people have done/are doing on LT. It's great to hear how people's lives are being changed in such a positive way.

I'm thrilled for you that in just 15 weeks you've gone from size 22/24 to size 16! You must look and feel gorgeous!!

I find what you've done inspirational and it really motivates me so PLEASE keep up the good work and PLEASE keep posting your positivity- I love it!!

Hi Suzy,

Firstly, Congratulations, you've done so well in such a short time! Secondly, you have really inspired me, I too am a size 24ish, and would like to be a 14/16, and your post has helped me believe it IS achieveable!
I bet you are so happy now, and feeling great? You have done brilliantly, keep it up!

Clair x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
wow suzy - what determination you have - you are amazing!!! :D
Wow - you deserve to get to goal. You have done brilliantly and isnt it fantastic to have that kind of control and focus.

Wish you tons of look in getting to goal.
Suzy your name suits you - Suzy Sparkle, as you posts are always full of lovely news and they make me smile.

You're an amazing weight loss machine. I'm so jealous of the size 16 Next jeans and top! I applaud your determination and strength, you must be so proud of yourself, and everyone around you must think your superwoman!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
What a lovely uplifting and positive post. Your life seems to have improved wonderfully through your efforts to lose weight and you have done so well. It is a great inspiration to me as I am a size 24/26 hoping to get back to a 16 sometime. REading your post makes me believe it is achievable.
Wow, Suzy, thats very inspirational, very big well done!!! I know i couldn't have celebrated my 30th that way, although it is my 33rd in october and I won't be drinking either (or eating) but i have decided its not an important one, so i'm not too bothered about it, they'll be other birthdays, it'll just be another day for me and i'll still be losing weight. I have gone from size 20/22 to fit into size 18 jeans, the feeling of losing a size is amazing, but i'm really hoping to be to size 14/16 by xmas! best of luck for the rest of your journey
well done suzy on your loss so far hun your amazing xx
i know what you mean about the bacon tho i work in a coffee shop and since starting lt the only smell that has got to me is bacon i feel hungry as soon as i smell it.... although the hunger goes as soon as it comes, it proves that it`s all in my head.
you must be so chuffed with yourself being in a size 16, well done hun xx


Positivity is the key
Hi Suzy,
all positive, great for you woman, you deserve it.
Wishing you all the best.
We all know we are doing this for ourselfs but omg you have a gem of a husband there supporting you all the way ..i bet you look amazing in those size 16 clothes
i too have a bf who is not having his treats or having meals like he used to supporting me (actualy he's more strict than me ) he has lost 10lb in the weeks i have been on LT food isn't the treat it onse used to be he bought me a pair of boot insoles today lol no rings but thought was there :D
well done on your fantastic losses

debz x
Suzy thank you SO much for that brilliant, optimistic, positive, inspirational post :)

I am so delighted to read people's experiences here - gives me a warm and fuzzy moment to realise how this really does change peoples lives...

Never apologise for sharing how great you feel (or how dreadful you feel either, come to that, lol) - it does us all good either to be inspired within ourselves, or to be able to offer some support if needed.

For me, that has inspired me today - had an almost blip last night. Got to my hotel. Put choc chip cookie IN MOUTH, spat it out and flushed all down the loo. So annoyed with myself, but i overcame it and this morning left a note for housekeeping requesting no more biscuits this week... ok, embarrassing admit to but there you go.

You sound so happy I'm determined anew, i've really struggled since my cheating few days last weekend. But your story inspires, so thank you.

Have a fab time in Manchester :) if you have no plans you should hit The Birdcage - really good birthday/celebratiuon place :)
We all know we are doing this for ourselfs but omg you have a gem of a husband there supporting you all the way ..debz x
My husband is absolutely fantastic and I love him loads. We've been together since we were 16 so he has had to put up with me and my weight for a long time. It feels brilliant to be able to prove to him that I can do it. I can tell he's pleased with the results too - he keeps telling everyone! I know that without him and his constant support I would not have been half as successful and I can't thank him enough. x
Definitely no alcohol needed to have a great night out there!! Just make sure you are as SParkly as you are now and you'll fit right in.
Enjoy :)

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