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A fresh start for tinkerbell_sparkle

I've been doing SW since September and started off doing really well but have recently gone off track. A line has been drawn and a fresh start started!!

Eek, I have weigh in on Thursday. I didn't go last Thurs as I had tonsillitis. Although it stopped me eating at the beginning of the week, as soon as my throat started to feel a tiny bit better I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I was poorly afterall. now dreading weigh in.
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good luck with weigh in whtever the numbers say you can use as a good starting point after getting over being poorly all the best xx
Well I've justt got back from WI and am in total shock. I managed to lose half a pound :) even though I've been eating ice cream, mini eggs and other enjoyable treats.

I wasn't expecting it at all. Now, however, I'm on school holiday and it's Easter. I'm going to try my hardest to make sensible choices but......we'll see.
Oh poo :cry:
I ordered a Domino's and ate the whole lot even though I knew I didn't need it or particulary want it. I now feel totally rubbish and hate myself.

I wish I'd wasted my syns on chocolate or icecream :mad:


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Come on Hun! Just draw a line under it and carry on. It'll be a throwback to being poorly. Write everything down like you did at the begining and focus on how far you've come. xx
I feel really bad but I decided to not go to WI last Thursday. I was ready to accept the consequences but something in me decided to hide.:break_diet:
But I'm totally on board this week and am ready to go. In fact I'm going to make mini quiches today and go for it
Good for you :) It's fab to be well prepared, have a fridge stocked with meals or snacks you've prepared earlier then when you're peckish but don't feel the energy is there to make something you'll have plenty to munch on.

Don't give up! You're here for a reason and today could be the day it all clicks again :D
Yay - went to WI and was convinced that I'd have a gain, with it being the Easter hols and not being in work. Got on the scales and.............I'd lost 1.5 pounds.

Yippee :happy036:
I've been hiding in the understairs cupboard all weel after last weeks WI. I'd put on 4 pounds. I admit I was disappointed but I also know it wasn't a surprise.

I've sort of hit a wall at the moment and keep losing, then outting on. It is so disheartening :break_diet:
Aww hun, big hug, now........ draw that line, get a notepad and SW mag out and start planning this weeks food. Try new recipes etc, you can and will do it x

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