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Well here I am, 2016 and back on minimins!

I'm Caroline, I'm 35. I live in North Wales with my husband and two beautiful boys.

2015 was an absolute whirlwind for me, I was 20 weeks pregnant this time last year. I got made redundant six weeks before I went on maternity leave, then redeployed into another job just after having my baby. The last trimester of my pregnancy was really difficult, with all manner of
health problems and I ended up in
hospital at 37 weeks before having him early by csection at 38 weeks . I went back
to work in November after a lovely long
maternity leave at home with my two
boys and after my training, I'm only
really now just settling into the role.

I put on a huge amount of weight with both pregnancies, but even more so with my second. After having him in May I was over 13st.
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I'm currently just under 12st. After a few months of not losing anything while getting back to work, I'm now focusing back on my weight. I'm working on this very slowly, I'm planning on it taking the year to get where I want to be. This month I'm focusing on getting back to logging every thing and being active again so I'm having 2000 cals a day and aiming for an average 10,000 steps on my fitbit.
Hi there,

Here to follow!
Good luck :)
Thanks frankenstien, how are you getting on with your own weight loss?

I'm really pleased with myself because I've actually been able to maintain my weight over Christmas and new year! This is totally new for me, usually I binge and eat every thing in sight. This is why I'm starting slowly with high calories, so I can still eat without feeling deprived. I've logged every thing on mfp this last week and my average daily calories has been 2400 so if I can maintain eating this much, I'm hoping 2000 will give me a small loss.
Wow that sounds awful about your work :( I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave with my first but I was then offered an alternative role just before it went to a tribunal. I've never felt so much stress. I hope you are ok - I know how it feels and it took me a long time to forgive my company for my treatment.

Anyway, onto the good news - that's a really good start! Are you breastfeeding? You can have more calories if you are! How old are your boys?
Bianx, it was horrible at the time. I work in the public sector so unfortunately it's something that you just have to get used to currently. It was only about 3 years ago my job had been merged with another one and I'd had to move to a different office! I have been lucky, being on maternity leave when it was all getting sorted out meant I was in a better position than a lot of my colleagues
and I was effectively able to choose the role I wanted. It's meant I've been able to move
into a completely different department and
role, and make a clean break. I've also been able to go part time and do hours that suit
having two young children, so I work
evenings 5pm-10pm now.

I don't breastfeed, didn't with either of them. I've found it quite easy to lose weight after both pregnancies because I'm much more active when I'm at home, going out for lots of walks etc. It's just been getting fed up with dieting and binging that's stopped my progress. I'm really focusing on how I can stop that rather than losing lots of weight right now.

I'm pleased with how yesterday went, just under 2000 cals eaten and I clocked up over 11,000 steps on my fitbit.
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Got weighed today at work, I've been doing ok, I just need to remember to log everything,
Will post my diary later :)
I'm exhausted tonight after work! First day back since the new year and found it difficult working out how best to spread my calories across the day. On a work day I usually like to eat four small meals, I can have four decent meals with 2000 cals but I have to make sure there's room for chocolate too!

9000 steps done, 2020 cals eaten. Off to bed and a relaxing day tomorrow I hope!
I'm still here, just plodding along. Not really had much chance to stop and come on here between looking after the kids in the day and working in the evening. Tiredness is a killer and I am finding I'm craving more sweet things because of it. Still keeping within my calories and getting my steps in though.
Caroline I always feel like that when I get no sleep. My 3.5 year old was up most of the night and I know I will struggle today. Let me know if you find something that works
Bianx the only thing that I've found to help is caffeine! Lots of caffeine!! Also having something sweet every day does help. I try to have healthier sweet things like yogurts and fruit rather than just having lots of chocolate all the time
I've stayed the same this week which I am actually quite pleased about. It means I've actually been the same weight for about a month. Even including Christmas! I'm only really used to my weight yo-yoing so it's niceto mmaintain. I also have a good idea now of how much i can eat to maintain. I always thought I'd have to starve myself forever more to maintain. But in reality I don't. So I'm pleased.

I'm working on eating at an actual deficit this week, so am hoping to see a small loss this week. I'm also on my five days off this week so aiming to fit in a bit more exercise.
Keep up the positive attitude Caroline and you will get there xx