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A fresh start...


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Mmmm where do I start? Oh Gee am really not sure? Wasna even gonna admit this to everyone but I suppose I really should.

Over this past month or so, I have regularly been eating at the weekends, when I say eating, I don’t mean salads I mean takeaway after takeaway, CRISPS, CAKES, CHOCOLATE the lot… Which then led me to gain a few lbs but then I’d get right back on track on the Monday and come my Fri weigh in, I’d have lost what I had gained, plus a bit more. With each week I did that I was becoming bolder and bolder……. Anyways, 2 weekends ago I did it again, I gained 7 lbs that weekend!! Couldna believe, I seemed to have been putting more and more on with each break of the diet, anyway, come my Fri weigh in I stepped on the scales at home (they match the chemists) and I was still not back to my pre cheat weight, I decided to not go to weigh in and convinced myself I would lose it over the weekend and then I could go to the weigh-in and expect a loss come Tusday (TODAY!!) The stupid girl that I am, ate all blinking weekend and am even heavier again (don’t even know why am sounding so surprised as I knew this would have been the case)! I have gone from 11st 8lbs to 12st 3 lbs!! I am writing this down as I need to see it in black and white. I am not going to weigh in today and am gonna go on Sat morning – I hope by then am as close as poss back to the 11st 8lbs. Even if I am not, I will go as I cant keep putting it off and by then I’ll need more shakes anyways..

I have totally wasted this last 2 weeks and I had thought it was no prob for me to cheat at weekends and get away with it, but its taken me a few weeks to realise that actually its not and am only wasting time here! I can really feel the extra weight I have put back on and my new clothes now look **** on me! I feel fat and horrible again! Drinking loads of water again as never had any at all over the weekend!!

We have a wedding to go to this weekend and had booked oursels into the hotel. At the time of booking that I had hoped to be finished the diet – this was to be our belated valentines pressie! I had planned to have this weekend off, but I so do not deserve it and am going to aim not to come off it for the wedding. I got my dress taken in to wear to the wedding, but not even sure if it’ll fit me now! ARGH!

Anyway, thanks for listening, I know I have said this a million times before, but today am getting back to how strict I was in the beginning (hopefully) just need to find that determination again..

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:grouphugg: You get back on that wagon, you'll be fine.........Good luck!;) xx


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Thanks! Feelin the effects of the first stages already - although that may just be in my head!?! Roll on Ketosis! x


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oh my god, just realised I have only 18 days to my dress fitting, am sick as a dog now! Oh my god, I so had hoped to be under the 11st by then? Nae possible now is it?


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Try not to stress Pineapple, take one day at a time starting from today a clean slate BEST OF LUCK!!!!:party0049:


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Forget about it pineapple, it don now nothing you can do only put it behind you! Dust yourself off girl and start again ;)


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Done be too hard on yourself honey! You know you have done wrong but like i said review if maybe you are happy content with how you look?? xxxxxxxx


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Aww oh dear! Poor you! You must have been having a terrible time with it all.

Still you know you can do it, give yourself one final push, it's only for a little while! You CAN do it!!!


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Thank you for your replies, the support and understanding here is fabulous. No one judges you and everyone hear for each other. I knwo I am deffo not ready to give up just yet and still want to get to my 11st target and then take it from there.

I have also just cancelled our stay at the hotel this weekend. I just caant afford to risk it and the temptation would be too high. Hvae cancelled and am gonna drive instead. The hotel will be there long after I have completed my goal and I can celebrate my belated valentines day then.

Well done Pineapple !!

You really seem to have gotten back on track - well done for making the difficult decision and cancelling the hotel.

Good luck, and keep posting !! :)

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hey pineapple, i know how hard it is admitting you made a boo boo but its out in the open, now its time to put it behind you and start again. I starting again today too!! roll on ketosis for us eh!

Dont panic about the dress fitting, you lost over a stone last time in two weeks you'll be cool. I have decided to hire a cross trainer to keep me busy and tone up, i read somewhere that exercise gives you more endorphins, willpower and energy plus it will tone you up. I gonna try it and when ever i start thinking about nibbling i going on the self inflicted torture method. Even if i can only do it for 30 seconds at a time i'll build it up.

You can do this... YEEAAHH!!!! ok so that sounds better when you can actually hear me LOL x


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Well done for getting your got your head in the rignt place again hun. I just cannot get there at the mo. I'm maintaining, but have another stone to lose....its only a stone, but I'm finding it the most difficult!! Reading your thread believe it or not spurs some of us guys on......to sort themselves out and stop procrastinating!

Come on girl.......we can do it together!


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As everyone has said...the key is getting back on track....you will be there in no time......we all need reminders as to why we pile on the pounds in the first place.....hugs you will get there...
Thank you guys, it really means a lot to get such supportive replys. I did worry that people would think ' here she goes again'!

I feel really positive now the hotel is cancelled, I just know there is no way on this earth, I could have passed up on the cooked breakie the next day! I just need to bypass the evening reception food, but that should not be too much of a prob - so long as I keep this head on, I will, I have too!

Looking forward to getting back into the 11 stones and getting this last bit off once and for all. Its so fast at going back on and is a reminder to everyone that re-feed is a must.

Shaz paz, you managing to maintain ok tho? Do you think you will do shakes again?

We'll all get there together. Samantha we'll count down the days til ketosis together!!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words.x


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Shaz paz, you managing to maintain ok tho? Do you think you will do shakes again?
I'm maintaining fine. I think if I put a few pounds on then I would do SSing again, but the thought of it.:eek: It is definitely tougher the second/third time round. The thing is all the 'eating' diets don't work for me. Even if I stick to them 100%, so I suppose I have to. I keep telling myself it will only take a month.....one month then I'll be at goal. I have to get my head in the right place....where you are now!

Good luck again.....it doesn't sound like you need it though!
Oh me, believe me, I really do need all the luck in the world! Every Monday for the last month I have said today is the day and am feeling ready. I manage Mon to Fri with no probs at all, I lose the weight I gained from the previous weekend and sometimes a bit more, then come the next weekend go mad and become BOLD AS BRASS and kid myself that I did it last week, I can EASILY do it again this week! Believe me tho, I was lucky enough to get away with it for a few weeks, but its caught up with me. I feel rank and really feel the weight back on round my middle.

Cancelling the Hotel, was quite harsh of me, but I know I want to lose weight more than I want to sleep in a strange bed! Lol! Am trying to convince myself here!! No really, I have to do this, I just make up excuses all the time. Enough is enough!

Shaz, its great you are maintaining. Least you know you can do that again when your at your ultimate goal. Just think as well, like you say it’ll only take a month at the most and you could be maintaining well before summer? Is it worth trying again?X
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Aw Pinapple I'd say it's been really hard for you, that's why I've stuck to it cos I know if I cheat even a little it would become an on going thing and a cycle.
The fact you've now got it all out in black and white means the beginning of a new chapter,
get excited! Try remember how excited you were at the very begining and you have even more reason to be excited cos you KNOW it works and you KNOW you can do it!!
Keep posting posting posting!!
Anytime I wanted to give up and give in i posted about it and all these nutters talked me out of it, they're great, as are you so jump back on the wagon hun!

hey pineapple,
you can do this.....you've already got SO far!
as well as coming on here why don't you have a look at your first few weeks of posting/threads.....that was you and still is and you pepped so many people up!!
you can do it.....there's nothing like a bit of pressure to get things going....there isn't anything much bigger than a wedding dress!
best of luck for this week!

xx Cathy xx

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This is going to sound daft but have you ever watched the Lion King (just came to my head)... The baboon in it says "It doesn't matter, its in the past. You can either run from it or learn from it" which is exactly what you have done. You didn't think "oh well i've failed i may as well give in", you got right back on the wagon and i think thats really amazing willpower. Keep going you'll be there in no time!

p.s. if you're going back on shakes full time then theres a good chance you may lose something similar to a first week with you saying you didn't drink much water etc and you going back into ketosis so you could be there quicker than you think.
Thanks guys. I knew all the while I was eating I was not giving it, I was just cheating (just!!) I think I was prob annoyed with myself for not sticking to it prop for the last month and thought to hell with it and also I feel as tho I was kind of rebelling against the diet as well - I knwo even know why as I loody love the diet!! Its too hard to describe! Anyhow, end of day one nearly over with and am feeling good. Had slight headache this morn but nothing the water never sorted out. I so cant wait to get these extra lbs off, I can really feel them round my middle - even tho I know its prob mostly fluid... Thanks everyne for your support. I think thats a great idea to read over my old posts as well, thanks xx

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