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A lesson learned

I realised yesterday that I have actually been setting myself up to cheat :eek: There has always been something in the fridge that I could eat (and I'm afraid I have been deliberately doing it) like chicken or tofu and I have been kidding myself that it was there for emergencies. Thought I was giving myself a safety blanket so if I really wanted to eat it would be something not too damaging.
Surprise, surprise it's that food sitting there that is making me wobble. The temptation is too much for me and I have been nibbling :eek:
I chucked out all things I could eat last night and am going at this today with renewed determination.

Big lesson learned for me

Annie x
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Stubborn tortoise
You're so right... it's a cheat, even if it's tofu or chicken, right? Get the temptation out of the way and you will be OK... just realizing what you have been doing can make a huge difference.

I have been doing something similar, bending the rules of 810 to suit myself, making 'good' choices but not choices that were on 810... and obviously, that's a slippery slope. A few days back I realized I wasn't actually following any plan at all, not even my own, just having my 3 packs & grazing on whatever I fancied... how did that happen when I was able to be 100% on SS? Major re-think. I am on 810 PROPERLY now, this is my 3rd day in and already can feel am getting back into ketosis. Phew.

Our heads are so sneaky, letting us come up with clever ways to cheat... but we can take charge and over-rule the little voice that tells us one slice of tofu doesn't count... well done Lazyhound on sussing this out and on making me think, as well!


Yeah, self denial is a b**ch.

I'm the same when I slip, I wont open the Mars bars that husband has in cupboard, or make toast. But I'll eat a full pack of sandwich ham through the day as its "low carb" and end up eating the same calories as the mars bar, but its "okay because its allowed"

Fridge is now empty of cheat available foods.


Stubborn tortoise
Yup, cheating is not where I want to be. It started with sneaky tomatoes in the early weeks, progressed through poached eggs and ended up with rye-bread, tahini & banana... ARGHHHHH!!! A cheat is a cheat... and one leads to another for me!!! Gonna write that up in giant letters and stick it on the fridge!


What I did last time (and it worked quite well) was

Go to My virtual model.
Make a model of you at your heaviest (pic 1)
Make a model of you 1 stone lighter (pic 2)
Make a model of you 2 stone lighter (pic 3)

Now find a free calendar website. Pick one with big squares. Print 2

Attach the pics of your models onto 1, one of you at your heaviest (Pic 1), and the other for the one thats a stone lighter (pic 2)

Second calendar, attach Pic 1, but this time Pic 3 tooo

For everyday you remain cheat free I usually put a big cross through it. Its a great visual reminder, because it reminds you of where you have came from, where you are going and how long you've been good!

I keep one on the fridge and one in the bathroom.
Lexie fab idea....I'm going to do that xxx

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