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A little annoyed with my CDC

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Ok, so this is a bit of an odd post, but something that's been playing on my mind.

I'm getting close to my goal, didn't have much to lose so have only been with this CDC for 3 weeks.

I have made clear that I will not be doing this diet again because I am perfectly capable of maintaining my weight. (I maintained for almost two years, just didn't lose it all in the first place)... Anyway, my CDC seems confident that I will continue to use CD products and go to weigh ins after I have reached my goal. Because "most do".... And when I said that I do not wish to do this she simply said "we'll see".... I see this as a waste of time for us both, I choose CD because I wanted to lose the 'bulk' I know how to eat a healthy diet, I exercise 6 days a week and I do not need someone else to 'watch my weight'..... The only thing I needed a CDC for was to supply the product.

I do not consider her to have been supportive, not because I think she isn't, simply because I don't need that kind of support, I know what I have to do so I just get on and do it. I also think (and please forgive me if this seems rude) that her being on and off the diet herself just goes to show that she has nothing to offer me support wise, she herself is on the diet with more than a stone to lose (I would guess she has 2 stone to lose). I do think that this is a tad hypocritical..... I am perfectly capable of standing on my own scales, and losing a few 'extra' lbs through exercise.... She seems to think that any extra lbs that go on will be lost via CD products.... I am very serious when I say that I am NOT putting myself through CD and getting into ketosis again, it's so hard and no amount of cake is worth it!!! Fact. Eat healthy. Exercise.... I have been doing that naturally for the best part of two years!!

So anyway, I suppose what I'm asking is, how do I tell her, without being rude, that I don't wish to continue to weigh in when I have reached my goal?

Thanks for reading my rant. X
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Hey I am in exactly the same place ... I lost 3.5 stone in 2008 and maintained until now but I only put in 5 lbs - I should have continued and lost another 1.5 stone but I was happy at the time- my new CDC is ok but the first time I saw her she got my BMI wrong and then told me things that I knew were untrue about the diet . I think she forgot that I had done it before ..?? I only go to her to source my products .. As soon as I hit 9st 7 I am going it alone - I dont need training in maintenance - I will be back to the gym and healthy eating again.... I would do the same Hun -let's get to the 9's and say goodbye to Cd products and ketosis !! X

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It's simple as - you just don't go to weigh-in! How's she going to make you? Although, that said, you were asking about being a CDC, you're going to need her to sponsor you, aren't you? It takes a couple of months to get through the process.
VLCDs are brilliant but lets face it theyre a means to an end. Most of us cope with the sacrificies because we know when we get to goal we can start eating again. Why on earth would you continue to go and get shakes etc when youre at target? Dont worry about sounding rude, at the end of the day youre paying her for a service, a service you'll no longer require, shes not your CDC as a favour to you.


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Hi hun

How are you planning on shedding the last few pounds once you've done with Cambridge? Are you considering calorie counting / SW / WW / something completely different?

One thing worth considering is that it helps to reintroduce food slowly. Jumping straight off Cambridge on to a healthy eating plan is likely to result in a regain of several pounds (glycogen plus water weight - in reality, what shows up at the scales will be your true weight). If you can handle that, and can tell yourself that it will come off over the next few weeks (plus any more that you might want to lose), then there's no reason why you shouldn't switch.

I guess your CWPC is just aware that it can be difficult to go it alone - and to be fair to her, a large number of her clients probably do end up going back to her to have another shot at Cambridge when they have problems sticking to a healthy eating plan. I know I have (more times than I care to remember... :sigh:).
S: 0st11.6lb C: 0st11.6lb G: 0st10.1lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you all for your replies, I am going to speak to my CDC.

Lily, I am hoping to reach my goal on CD, but if not then I'm just going to exercise, I generally have a balanced diet and know what I need to cut out to get a few lbs off. Although I don't follow CD maintenance, I do increase calories gradually.

One thing I am certianly not doing is CD again! and being a CDC may help me maintain!

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