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A little bit about me (long post) sorry

Hi my name is Maria, I'm 37 years old. I have been a member of this forum for over a month but I've only had the courage to make a post a few days ago. I've been reading the forum everyday and it has encouraged me to keep going and I feel like I know some of you wonderful ladies personally.

Last summer after a 2 year wait I was granted a gastric bypass. I thought this was my answer to all my problems. I went into hospital the day before had drips put up etc. On the eve of the op my 2 wonderful children came to say bye to me as they would be at school when I was actually having the op done. A doctor came to see me who was helping to perform the op and he said in front of my children that my odds of making it had gone down from 1/800 to 1/200. I was really shocked. He said it was due to me having kidney problems (I lose lots of protein daily,nothing to do with being over weight) and with not being able to eat much after they don't know what the outcome would be !!!!!! Why they just decided a few hours before when they had 2 years to investigate is beyond me. My little boy started crying saying 'are you going to die'. Hubby and boys went home, after an hour I rang hubby up and said I've changed my mind and he said I'm coming to get you now (it was about 10pm). When he came to get me he said 'I'm so glad you've decided to not have it done, I wanted to take you home straight away but it had to be your decision'. Do I regret my decision?????? No way. Since that day about 4 months ago I started SW and have lost over 2½ stones and have gone down from a tight size 32 to a size 26. I'm still going strong apart from Xmas when I messed about a bit !!!!! I've joined a gym and go swimming nearly everyday something I thought Id never do. I just don't care anymore what people think of me. My experience gave me a massive kick up the bum !!!!!

This post is not meant to scare anyone who is waiting or is having a gastric bypass. I have total respect for anyone who has had it done because it most certainly is not an easy way out.

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Hi Maria,

Welcome to the forum, sounds like you've been through a lot. Well done on your weight loss, I'm only on my 4th week of SW and I love this website, it gives you that little bit of extra support just when you are going for the biscuit tin.
Looking forward to hearing more, good luck with this weeks WI xx
Hi Maria and welcome. Wow what a story- your kids must be so proud of mummy losing the weight! Bless- i have my fingers crossed you get the happy ending by reaching your target. Well done and keep up the good work!

Nik xx


Trying again!!!
Hi Maria, Firstly well done - you should be very proud of yourself! I only started SW last Monday so the proof of the pudding will be when I weigh myself tomorrow. I'm new to this forum too but have been reading a lot of posts over the last few weeks and there is a great support system here which is fantastic to know. I am doing SW myself, not through a group, I bought all the books/plans off ebay so the extra support from this forum is motivating. Keep up the good work, hopefully we will both have good news at our WI! Mary x
Hi and wow what a story. I think you made the right decision and whilst I agree for some gastric bands etc are the way ahead for them, it is not something I would ever consider and you have shown that you can lose weight without surgery. I think we all get to a point in our life when enough is enough and take charge of our weight. You have had great results so far and good luck with the rest of your journey xx
What can I say but thank you for all your fab replies. This forum is great and I'm sooooooo glad I've found it.

I will def keep you all posted about my weight loss. I've got a long, long way to go but I'm determined to do it.

Hi Maria and welcome, I'm so glad you found the courage to post and tell us your story and so very well done for your weight loss so far, that's incredible!, I think gastric surgery is such a huge thing and the results are permanent (and I mean how you can eat afterwards for the rest of your life, not weight loss) and I applaud you on your decision to turn it down and try dieting again, just remember, there is no quick fix, I know how daunting it is when you have stones to lose (I lost 5 a few years ago and that was demoralising when sometimes I would only lose 0.5lb a week!) but you have to forget about the goal that you want eventually and just concentrate on getting through each week and each mini goal, good luck on your journey and I hope we hear more from you
hey Maria - welcome to Minimins and thanks for sharing your story :)

well done on your fantastic loss so far on SW...brilliant !

stick with it and keep us posted :)

Debz xx


No Coffee, No Workee
Well done you, what a wonderful story. You have my absolute respect.
Congratulations Maria

That was the motivation you needed to succeed on your own. Well done. I'm sure your family are very proud of you.
If you falter with the diet remember how much they love and need you.
Well done on your loss so far Maria, that's a great achievement. I think this forum is wonderful, I only discovered it a couple of days ago!!!
Good luck and keep posting how you're doing!!!
Sounds like you've got a lovely supportive family.
Lara xx


Reached Target. woohoo
Hi Maria, welcome to minimins, you will get all the help and support you need to get the best from Slimming World plans, I started the plan last March and I am so glad i did as i am now a target member. Once your'e focused as you are its weight loss all the way. Welcome aboard. xxx
Hi Maria and welcome!

I had a gastric band last March and that was a rough thing for me to have to face too, I refused to even consider the bypass as I didnt fancy my odds on that one.
What an amazing achievement for you to have done this on your own and I know that there are days where we all struggle, but you are doing really well, so keep it up!

Good luck with your journey.



soon to be skinny minnie
hi and welcome, well done on your loss so far, and good luck on your losses to come. You made the correct descision for yourself and your family. It has given you the drive to do it on your own. xx

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