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A little disappointed

Hi My first week of the diet ( I have done SW before) being doing EE all week and being to class tonight and only lost a pound:mad:. Yes I am disappointed because I have stuck to every letter of the diet and done about 20 mile walk. They advised me at class to carry on, it is still a lose. Help do I stay on it or go on red or green.
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Well done its better than putting it on - Taken ages for me to get used to EE as you can see from my stats it has been STS, 1/2 lb off etc
I had a good old moan but the past 2 weeks (-3) have been fab for me I don't lose weight easily or quickly so how hard i try
im chuffed with any loss


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Hey hun, well done on losing a lb that is excellent :)

perhaps try doing a week of reds and greens to see if you have a bigger loss next week. At least then you will know what will work best for your body and then you can choose what method to use thereafter. Good Luck :) xx


I will succeed!!!
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At my first group I lost 6lbs in my first week. I my second group, just 1.5lbs. So yeah, it can be gutting as you kinda hope for a big loss first week.

But, having said that...second group is going better than the first. It's coming off me slowly but steadily which is better.

A loss is a loss and it's GREAT! So WELL DONE! Keep at it, give it another go and see if you get a better loss this week. If not, maybe go to the red/green or speak to your consultant again for advice.

Whatever plan you do, you know SW works so hope this week is better for you.

Hugs x


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maybe stay on ee and give your body a chance to adjust to the diet and then if you think its going slow you could give red/green a go see if it makes any diff, good luck and well done on the loss x
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I think it takes a while for our bodies to get used to this diet (well it certainly did for mine). Well done on your lb loss, much better than a gain.


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i had my first WI last week and lost 1lb too and i was happy as it was better than a gain and i am going the right way! As long as it comes off i don't mind!

Chin up :)
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EE may not work for you hun try a week of red and green and see what the results are! EE doesnt work for everybody so just try red and green and see if that makes a difference to your loss. but ass the others say its still a 1lb in the right direction and you havent put it on so! woo hoo! xx♥ :)
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that is exactly what happened to me but i stuck with it and l lost 4.5 in the second week so I would say stick with it
1lb loss is brilliant! We all think it's a lot when we put it on so why isn't it alot when we lose it?? ( I wish i could practice what i preach btw!!)
You did a lot of exercise this week, if that was new to your routine that may be why- you wait, next week you'll have a fab loss- keep smiling, you're off to a great start!!
Are thanks so much for all the positive comments :) I have decided to stick to EE because I feel much better in myself and I have only been doing the diet a week.
This week I am going to cut down a little on my syns because I found that I was having them for the sake of it. (That's why slimming world is good) At class on Thur I did ask if I had to have them and was told that a lot of slimmers on EE found that they didnt need them. :wave_cry: I know everyone is different but have thay found they dont need them.

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