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A little help..

I just want to know, if this is a healthy and safe way to lose weight.

1,200 - 1,300 cals a day..

100 cals burned off walking on the tredmill.

Also, general wondering around the house, up and down the stairs ect.
[Which i dont really do much of, plus i dont work.So, next to nothing burns calories in my life atm.]

Also will be doing 200 sit ups, some weights and some leg exercise. But as far as im aware that doesnt really burn all that many calories. Its mainly for muscle toning.

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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Hey Winter, have you calculated your BMR? It seems about right. I have 1250 calories a day but I'm 40 lbs heavier than you, but don't count any exercise in what I do.

I find this is helpful to see what most things burn off:
Calorie calculator & calorie counters explained : weightlossforgood.co.uk

It seems healthy! As for the muscle toning, that's good for a lot of things but not necessarily for weight loss. It'll help but I'm pretty sure it's more beneficial to go for a walk or run.
According to this site;
BMR Calculator

My BMR is 1588.6.

And by this site; Calories Burned, BMI, BMR & RMR Calculator | CaloriesPerHour.com

It isss BMR

So, im around the 1580 - 1590 mark.

Im currently aiming for 1,200 - 1,300 a day, with 1 mile, inclined walking. [According to my tredmill that burns 200 calories. Dunno if that is right though.]

Yeaah, but my boyfriend said the more you work muscles the more calories your body uses to maintain the muscle than it does to maintain fat. Not by much, but every little helps. [:


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah I'm sure it helps. Stick to it and I'm sure you'll get results. x
Your bf is correct Winter - muscle tissue burns more calories than fat at rest - but remember it also weighs more that fat tissue - i would recommend taking your measurements and going by that if you plan to tone up a lot rather than just watching the scales (which might be disappointing if you look and feel great but still seem quite heavy). I played rugby years ago and was a healthy looking size 10 but weighed 10st+!! (overweight according to bmi!!) - some of the weight was my big chest but some was due to the fact that I was very muscly. (a badly broken leg and one child later and I am 15st size 18/20 and long to get that body back!!)

Your weight loss plan is quite similar to mine (although I have more to lose so it will take me longer) and the good thing about it is it is not overly strict - means more likely to stick to it!

best of luck :)

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