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A Little Query

I calorie count to maintain now I have finished CD. How many calories you can have varies depending on your weight, how much you want to lose a week and how active you are. I am 5ft 1 and lazy and maintain on around 1700 calories. To lose a lb a week I would need to drop by 500 calories a day.

Hope that is of some help.



Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Oh Ok. Thats Alot Of Calories A Day! Im not Even Sure I Eat That Many. But Im Not Completely Sure. I Know I Probably Dont Eat Enough.. But What i Eat Fills Me up Heaps!
I Will Just Let You Know What I Eat.
2 Pieces of Toast With butter and vegemite.
Morning tea - 2 kiwifruit
Lunch - 2 oranges, 2 kiwifruit and a nectarine
Afternoon tea - 2 kiwifruit

and for tea it varies. Soup or anything.
Would you be able to let me know how many calories that is?
And if you think i should make changes?


Warning-Contains Nuts
You are not eating anything like enough. You'll eventually burn yourself out on so few calories with so little variety in the nutrition you're getting. Unless you're on a properly monitored VLCD (very low calorie diet) you shouldn't really have less than 1000 calories a day.
Eat more please or you'll get ill !!


A little of everything!
Ditto!! Wheres your protein?? Your muscles will start wasting away! What are your stats and I can work out what you 'should' be eating a day- your age, height, weight, activity level (sedentary, lightly active, very active etc.) and I can tell what you'd need to eat each day to maintain your weight. You then eat less than this figure to lose weight, but its never recommended to go under 1200cals a day or you're body will start to 'eat' itself to function!

PS- Theres no way we can tell you how many calories you eat a day as your dinner 'varies' - that could be anything from a burger & chips, to a vegetable stir-fry, to a plate of beans & toast- all vary HUGELY! lol!


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Ohhhhhhhh!! Thats So Not Good!!
Im 19 years old.
My Height is About 158cms.
I do a 6km walk most nights and also do 2km walk/run on my treadmil.
Do skipping most nights.
Oh And My Dinner Isnt Anything Like Burgers and Chips.
Its Normally Either a Small Watties Mac N Cheese.
A Cup Of Tomoto Soup.
And On The Weekend, I Normally Have Some Snitzel and Pasta.
But If I Eat More Calories Wouldnt I Be Gaining?


nearly there!! :)
not neccesarily...say in ww if u dont eat all ur points u wont loose,because ur body goes into starvation mode and retains everything it gets so i presume it works the same...if ur not eating enough ur body takes and keeps everything it does get!!

keep a food diary for couple of days, and write down the cals of everything u eat, the check up on the internet how many cals u should be eating (simple tests on some web pages --> boots online cal counter) if ur eating less..boost it up a bit!!


nearly there!! :)
how about a dinner and proper lunch? ul actually feel better!!
how do you exercise that much when your not eating much?? dont you feel like you have no energy?? pasta is good i dont have a clue when it comes to sauces tho


A little of everything!
Work out the cal breakdown- it varies so much- it depends on the brand of sauce, the type/amount of pasta, is anything added?
You really do sound like you're in starvation mode- ask yourself- 'Do I want to live the rest of my life surviving on 850cals a day'- thats ridiculous! You really need to try & log your cals for a while- and I mean everything (milk in your tea/coffee, every 1/2 biscuit etc.) to see where you need to work on- i.e. do you need to bump up your breakfast/lunch/dinner, do you need to add some low-cal/fat snacks to bump up your cals etc.
Like me & many others, you've probably heard 'Eat less to lose more' all your life in order to lose weight- unfortunately thats why many of us are life-long dieters- we restrict, lose, then re-gain, then restrict, lose, re-gain, it's a never ending cycle! I'm working on upping my maintenence calories at the minute- I was like you- surviving on 800cals a day or so, but although I lost at first, it soon stopped, and I looked like cr*p (skin/hair/nails looked awful!) so I slowly (100-200cals a week) upped and I'm now on 1400cals a day, but my goal is 1700-1800. I re-gained some of my lost weight, but have maintained this last 2wks so I'm hoping I've turned the corner.
You are going to make yourself ill eating so little- thats the upshot. I know you want to lose weight, but surely you want to be healthy about it? Plus, if you do it right- it will stay off because you'll have re-educated your eating habits & know what you can/can't eat, plus have off-days every so often! You can do it!


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
I wasnt trying to starve myself or anything. I used to go to a dietican when i was about 15ish and i went down to 60kgs, so i was just following the diet that i used to go by.
I do see your points and all that, so i will try to start eating more.
The pasta i made last night, was just normal pasta, with a tomato & Mushroom sauce.. added nothing else.
Not sure of the Calories in it as i cant find that brand anywhere and i havent yet brought my own calorie calculator


A little of everything!
You don't need to buy a calorie calculator- theres loads of online ones! Was there no nutritional information on the sauce packet? Also, how many calories were in the pasta will be determined by how MUCH you had, and the type (quills, twists, shells etc.)- I mean it could've been a bowlful or a cupful- which will of course affect the calories in it? A quick tip- use less pasta/rice/potatoes etc & bulk out sauce dishes using veg. And try to use pureed tomatoes spiced up with basil & oregano- it'll cut the fat/cals right back. HTH?
Hmmm there should be calories listed on the container that the sauce came in. Maybe you could check out another container of it the next time you are in the store? Food labels are an easy way to help determining calories, though I hate when it lists "serving" - considering 1 serving from brand A is not usually equal to (in portion size or calories) one "serving" of brand B - but that's a little pet peve of mine ;)

Do you have a measuring cup (cup, half cup, quarter cup, etc), a set of measuring spoons (tablespoon, teaspoon, etc) and a food weight to measure out how many grams of everything you are eating? These help out quite a bit for determining the calories in things that you make yourself with fresh ingredients (when there is no food label to guide you).

Also you could make use places like Food Focus (free service) or Weight Loss Resource (has a fee included after a free trial).

Hope this helps & good luck!

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