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A little reminder for you all. Please read


Rebel without a calorie
As many of you are MORE than aware discussing and recruiting Minimins members for Facebook groups is a direct breach of Minimins rules.

This has been discussed on this section on more than one occasion recently.

As we all love this forum so much and wouldn't survive without the support we all get from each other, I thought I should just gently bring this to everyone's attention.
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I dont even understand what was meant by that. We all have a facebook icon....so unless ive missed someone advertising something. ah im easy confused lol xx


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People were discussing a facebook group and that is against forum rules. We can mention facebook, just not 'recruit' people to a particular group x


Are We There Yet?
No problem :) The rules are we can't mention swapping products either.

Like Kitty said, this forum is a lifeline for us, so we don't want to risk it :)
Yeah, well now we know im sure no-one will risk it. I wouldnt dream of recruiting people to a facebook group...thats a no no on any forum, however swapping products i didnt see an issue with. Now i know its against the rules tho, i will not reply to any such comments again :) Genuine mistake....i dont want to lose the forum anymore than anyone else :)


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We live and learn. I only learnt it by being told off once lol...I thought I was helping and not recruiting....but alas, I was not so there ya go lol.


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True! Conformity is key in a society with laws and rules :)
Thanks for all this advice, Like Mandy i do not understand the issue with banning swapping talk, surely it is in their own interest to do that. It's not like we are trying to sell the stuff, will in the end have the same quantity which means we will still run out at the same time. I know the rules are the rules but does anyone actually know why? I think it is probably swapping between LL, Exante that has cause this. I understand the groups thing fully.

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