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A little scared :(

I've been on LL for 6 weeks and up until today, it's been fine. But today I feel like absolute sh*t!. I feel so light headed I can barely stand it when I'm lying down. And when I get up everything starts spinning. I'm scared to move!
I'm having a rather heavy period, so I was wondering if anyone knows if that can affect anything.
And now after hearing about that girl who died I'm all worried.
I can practically hear my BP smash into the floor. :cry:
Someone reasure me please!!
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Hi Clojo - a heavy period would certainly affect your energy level while on a VLCD. It affects an energy level when eating fully!!

relax - the Daily Mail is know for bashing LL. THey are completely biased, and not factual. Creative editing and all that.

Youwill be find - you are just having a low point - your body is needing to rest, readjust to the diet even more, and it should pass.

You take care, and don't give up! And don;t be frightened. You can always pop in to your doctor for a visit if you have any doubts. :)

Take care, adn get plenty of rest - have all your packs, and drink your water. ;)
I'm always bad during my period bacuase they're actually worse when I'm on LL (and are for most people as hormones are released as your fat breaks down). Try to just not overdo it, drink plenty of water....and IGNORE THE DAILY MAIL!!! The lady in question is one of thousands. Put that number of people in one room and one of them will die this week. It's only reported because the DM is anti LL and it makes a good story.
Hope you feel a bit brighter soon x


Happy in my own skin
Hi there,

Sorry you've not been feeling great today. Hopefully it's lifted. However, it might be labyrinthitis, which is a middle ear virus that causes the head spinning you are talking about, it also can cause nausea and vomiting. Best to try get a word with your Gp or NHS 24.
Thank you very much for the support.
I do feel a fair bit better today and it's nice to see that everyone else hates the Daily Mail as mych as I do (As a journalism graduate you'd think I'd be a little more rational, I was clearly having a delusional day).

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