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A little update

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I've just had to read back over the post I made 2 weeks back as I couldn't even remember what I wrote, I really have been in auto drive.

Mum's funeral was a week ago, last Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day and the guys from the funeral parlor were marvelous. They were the same people who did Jade Goodys funeral.

I tried to get back on the diet a couple of weeks back, lasted 4 days and then just had to comfort eat. With not smoking and my emotions being all over the place I just ate, everything in site, everything I wanted and wayyyyy too much of it!

I weighed myself yesterday and have gained 7.5 lb! I'm back up to 213.5lb!

I am back on the diet as of yesterday and have also been to the doctors to be referred to see a bereavement councilor, I'm not really coping too well and am pretty depressed :/

I have now been a non smoker for 4 weeks too! I have promised my daughter I will never smoke again and I do not break promises. Shes very pleased I have stopped and proud of me too.

My daughter is only 8 and has been suffering night terrors :( I've given her a dream catcher and told her if it doesn't catch all of the bad dreams then I will help her to blow them away. We've had lot's of cuddles and a few tears together. I hope I can remain strong enough for her.

Anyway enough of my going on. I just wanted to let you all know I am still here and trying to keep to plan and also to say a huge thanks to those of you who replied to my last post, your words bought me some comfort and reading them again today I understand a little more of the grief I am going through x
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my goodness you poor poor thing. you are inspiring. i can't believe you've been through so much with losing your mum and dealing with your daughters terrors (poor poor love) and also giving up smoking PLUS still sticking to the diet! you're amazing. don't worry about the gain, you're still here, it's incredible.

i hope you're ok, i am a firm believer in bereavement conselling and i hope they can help you deal with your grief and move forwards. your mum would be very proud of you xxx


slow but steady!
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Best of luck Kelly with getting back on plan :)

That's great about the smoking - just look what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Best wishes to you and your daughter



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First of all well done for not smoking over what was already a very stressful time for you, I did something similar because I knew that if I could get through that period without touching them, then nothing could stop me!

Secondly I want to tell you how brave you are, and I know you probably feel the farthest thing from brave right now but believe me looking back you will realise it, and your daughter knows it too. As other have said that counselling can do wonders if you feel you want to talk about it.

Thirdly welcome back to minimin's, 7.5 lbs is a again, but you have spotted it and are getting back on plan which is great. Good luck, and best wishes.

Cobweb xx

Mrs V

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Hun the others have said it all really.
You have come through the most stressful of times at the moment and its alright to cry. Counselling is a wonderful thing and will certainly help you manage the darker days. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Take care

Kelly you are going through so much at the moment so really really well done on giving up smoking! As an ex-smoker I know how hard it can be too.

Good luck on getting back on plan, hope your appointment goes well & the dream catcher works for your daughter x


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So sorry to hear of your loss Kelly. Giving up smoking at the moment is a huge step to take and some in Mental Health would tell you not to put more pressure on yourself presently.

However congratulations for stopping now - you are very brave - and I so hope your young daughter will be rid of her night terrors soon.

Thinking of you.
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*massive massive hugs to you* you WILL get through this, and sw will wait for you untill your ready, so proud of you for quitting also.. thats tough let alone when you have this much going on.

Its lovely to have you back. Weight loss is probably last thing on your list now-other things are more important.Well done on kicking the weed-I found it almost painful so I can't believe your still off them. Give the little one a abig hug from me and tell her everyone thinks she's really brave -just like her Mam. Love to all. The clouds will lift one day. Louise xx

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