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a mans comment!

so i went to work yesterday and was working with a guy i havent for seen for a few monthes.

having handover in office he says " wheres Emma".

now im sat next to him(and he is a practical joker) so i say to him "im flaming here sat next to you"

he replys " your not Emma shes big and fat and you arent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i didnt know where to put myself in front of everyone!!

i know its a compliment but flaming nora he could have said it another way.

have you ever had any sort of back handed comments

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I always get the, youve got such a pretty face...menaing shame about the body...or....such a great personality..again shame about the body.

Just shut it! I dont want to know. I have had to look in the mirror everyday for the past 33 years, I KNOW!
I used to hate " you have a fantastic personality " remarks..... give me a fantastic tush anyday !!

The worst I have had is " my God, you have lost weight" my reply modestly said " Oh thank you so much, but I still have a long way to go " reply back " You must have forgotten how huge you looked !"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

And Emma just give him a quick "accidental" kick under the desk lol.
lol at the JUST SHUT IT.

i to have had the pretty face and pretty eyes comments.

but you know what we are on the way to been even more fantastic than we are now. so sod them :D

accidental kick fillysmum you got that, iactuaaly shut the door on him today was by mistake i promise

whoops ;)
i once had agirl i‘d never met before tell me joe had been cheating on me, because she‘d seen him holdin hands ina resteraunt with ‘some fat girl’ a year before.. joes sister just laughed in her face...poor girl was very embarressed when iexplained!

im also part of the nice personality and pretty face club!


I love book bling
Have heard those 'nice face, shame about the rest of her' behind my back comments! I fall prey to it as well as I put on nice eye make-up, do my hair but then hide away in baggy clothes! Can't wait for this 'butterfly' to emerge! :eek:
I like this thread it reminds be of the time when a nob cobbler cycled past me and shouted "you fat *******" he was so busy looking at me and shouting that he didnt see the pothole in the road and went over the handle bars. :)
Ha i like name callers falling down pot holes! sounds like a plan.

i also get from one girl at work, when we are all talking about clothes shopping that so and so shop do BIGGER SIZES for you Emma.

now this coming from a women who is clearly a size 18 sqeezing herself into a size 14 and bits of her gut and a*rse hanging out from to tight jeans all over the place, she should be arrested by fashion police and locked away!!!!!!!!

i should say to her "well maybe you should go there for BIGGER SIZES cause your rolls are hanging out"

would love to see her face if you did that!!! :D

I dont understand people in denial - well i do, i was myself for a little while!!! perhaps you need to say something positive, like....'ive got a top that would suit you - size 18, thats your size isnt it?' and see what she says - !!! If she keeps being negative to you - just be positive back , she will soon shut her mush! x
I like this thread it reminds be of the time when a nob cobbler cycled past me and shouted "you fat *******" he was so busy looking at me and shouting that he didnt see the pothole in the road and went over the handle bars. :)

I love it !!!!! Love it !!!! It reminds me of when our local, very unpleasant and disliked, village Bobbie rode his moped into a drainage hole that had been dug in the main street. He was eyeballing some imagined misdemeanor and whoops Gone !!!!!! How sad that we all chuckled before we went to his assistance.

My, my how true it is that God works in mysterious ways !!!
lol I wish divine intervention had appeared the other week when a man walked past me coming out of The Harvester and asked if I had "left any food in there for us to eat"... But meh I'm losing weight he's always gonna be a prick it seems!
He'll fall down a pothole of his own one day Cobweb with manners like that ...


I had one a few years back

Lady: "Have you lost weight?"
Me: "yes, 2 stone now"
"Well you look AMAZING!"
"Yeah, well keep it up, I remember how fat you used to look"


She totally meant well, it was just one of those comments that was well intentioned but came out totally wrong.
I know people are right when they say it's the "inside that counts", but I want someone to fancy me without knowing me, just look at me and that's enough!

So I really get what you mean "you've got a great personality" feels like "..which is good because no-one would want you for your looks!"


I will be a Princess!
I had to laugh reading some of these replies, but it's sad that we live in a world of such narrow-mindedness! That was in reference to the idiots that make the nasty comments, not any of you lovely MM people! :)

I'm staying realistic about my weight loss - it wouldn't matter how much weight I lost I'll never have a pretty face, but at least I'll look better than I do now! Those nasty people will always be gits though! Karmic retribution will kick in at some point, haha! :D


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