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a month of issues


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I've made so many stupid choices lately. It starts just after weigh-in, and I have a 'evening off'. Except sometimes hubby does nights, so we dont get up til 6pm, then its a whole day. And if we have to stay up for errands, it'll involve going out or breakfast. Then the day is ruined, so I may as well just enjoy it. Sometimes, mid-week, he wants take-away, and I give in. I haven't managed a 100% week for 8 weeks, and the last 3-4 I've had at least 2 days off. I just cant keep focussed. The days I dont cheat I'm perfect on, but I get to tues night, and off I go.

I have to go to weigh in, and stay to class on tues. I've had an email each week from my consultant about how I'm clearly struggling. But I'm certain I'm looking at a 2lb minimum gain, on top of the 1lb I've gained in the last 3 weeks. I don't know how I'm gonna cope with it being said how little I've lost after all this time. I haven't got any friends in the group, everyone there is part of a little group, and theres one group that kinda dominates it.

I hate the fact that I'll be 11 weeks in and haven't reached my stone award yet, and will probably less than 1lb for each week :(

It doesnt help that once my countdown runs out (5 weigh-ins to go) I can't afford to go back (redundancy).

Sorry for the whinge, I'm just feeling hopeless.
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First of all - well done on your loss! 11.5lbs is fantastic! And also for recognising the patterns to your eating and going off plan - you're halfway there already! :hug99:

I can't imagine how hard it must be with shift patterns and night working to cope with. I struggle with problems at night so I really don't know what to advise on that front. :sign0163:

But in terms of motivation, there really is only YOU who can make that difference for yourself. You are the only one who can identify that motivation and the reasons why you want to do this. I totally identify with your logic when you say 'then the day is ruined and I might as well just enjoy it'. I think we've all done that - hence needing to lose weight!
For me, the mindset shift came when I sat down and realised that instead of enjoying the 'out of control eating' I had to enjoy the 'diet' journey, and embrace what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve. I found that actually, I am now able to 'enjoy the day' more when I'm suceeding at the plan rather than not. I want to be slim, healthy, and fit. I don't want to be *trapped* in this body any longer so the pleasure and pride I get from planning and following this SW plan out weighs in every way the pleasure of cheating. Does that make sense? SW for me is the very best plan in giving me the most food options and flexibility without being restrictive. I now indulge myself in discovering new foods, new recipes, new habits, new patterns. :girlpower:

I also read a really great book which kicked me up the behind and made a lot of sense - 'Get of your A*SE and lose weight' by Steve Miller. He doesn't advocate diets, but he talks sense and it really helped to get me back in control and get back on my journey. :character00201:

Good luck with your WI, and don't be disheartened. If you really don't enjoy your group is there another you can transfer to? You CAN do this, if you really want to. SW DOES work - there are some amazing success stories on here which are so inspirational. :wavey:

Have a good rest of your week, and take care xx


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Thank you :)

I can't really transfer, theres only one group in my area thats late enough (not too bad atm with not working, but once I find something new, it'd be a pain)

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