A new aim


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I've decided for my new aim I really want a long black Bench coat. (thats a coat by bench not one for sitting on benches just in case you didn't know) I love those coats, they're so fitted and show off people's figures perfectly I've always wished I could have the kind of figure tat would look good in one.

So, when I hit my goal I want one of those.

The thing is, do I buy one now to aim to get into it or do I wait till I'm hppy with my size? If I buy it now what size should I aim for? I really want to be a size 10 but they do small medium large etc so should I just go for a small one or medium one? I don't ever want to have to buy anyting large ever again.

Help me make a decison please :) I'm useless at doing things like that.
Hi Kati

Sounds good! Will check them out. I was thinking if you have 31lb to go you will be around goal after Xmas. is it something you could buy in the January Sales. Maybe you could put a few £'s by each lb lost.

Just an idea.

Dizzy x