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A New Me - A New Screen name!

I keep trying to do stuff all over again but realise that I never really start from scratch - mentally most probably too!

So to aid my "new" journey I have renamed myself Anewme!. My old name had restarted more times than i'd like to mention - so from now on Anewme is my challenge and it will remind me everytime I post.

This is probably wierd to alot of you - but im reinventing myself and it starts with CD (again) - but I will be Anewme when i've finished.

Thus this will be my blogeth!

Im meeting a new councillor on Thursday, all part of my "Anewme" plan and already im seeing positive vibes so im really looking forward to meeting her and getting my weight down.

I'll do a tracker tomorrow when I know the damage on the scales. Biggest hurdle for me (once i've gotten over the "leave food alone thing" will be WATER!).

(My last councillor was lovely by the way - so no problems there - this lady is nearer is all!).

I am on day two of packs - didn't weigh myself to begin with so will go from the weigh in tomorrow!

I know that this site will keep me going over the weeks as there are so many special people on here!

Here we goooooooooooooo :chores016::clap:
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Hi Time4ME - thanks for posting was feeling a bit of a loner hahaha.

Are you on the Cambridge?

If so we can keep each other "reinvented" hahaha

Hi Anewme

Good luck with the dieting. I love the idea of reinvention, sounds much nicer than restart and has a lot more meaning. Can't help wandering who 'theoldme' was though:D;)

Good luck

The old me!

The Old Me was Nuts! (Natalie!)

hahah - so I no longer nuts :)confused:) but now reinventing and when I get there I will change my name to something else - most probably something to go with my new me! hahahahah


I probably sound very odd for all of this hahahah - but theres a method in my madness somewhere! :rolleyes:

Wishing you lots of luck in your venture to the newyou.

I look forward to chatting on the daily with you.

Best Wishes,
xx sj xx
So far ive been extremely naughty and have hardly drank anything today apart from coffee and a Cheese and Broccoli soup! (TUT TUT TUT).

So I need to get drinking - then my hunger will go.

I am only on day 2 and I am in Ketosis already - bonus. So I need to keep the varnish breath at bay by getting the litres down me neck.

Cheese and broccoli? Does anyone think it actually tastes as it sounds? yeuch!

Choco mint is on the menu tonight - my fave! Can't wait to try the choc orange!!!! BRING IT ON!


Of course I can!
Hahaha - Each to their own Saffron, each to their own! :O)

Met my new CDC today and she was really nice. Very organised (unlike me!) so hopefully some of that will rub off on me!.

Have managed to get a couple of litres down me today - so will continue until 9pm when I will not drink anymore otherwise i'll be up in the middle of the night.

I do feel hungry and have 2 packs left to go - might have a choc mint and then perhaps a Vanilla with coffee or something - hmm decisions decisions.

Not feeling too bad today - after seeing my weight and my goal - its seems so far away, but I need to get there this time! Hopefully my Holiday in October won't put too big a hole in things - by the time I go perhaps I might be nearly there and then just AAM whilst away - Who knows! Cross that bridge when I come to it.

Funniest thing is this week I need to get my passport sorted but I may not look like that when I fly - that could be funny! :)

Right off to find a really good ticker!

Thanks Maz/Fuzz

I stole it from a Quorn advert I think - lol can't remember.

Feeling brighter today - have managed to walk to and from school everyday this week - believe me this is a feat as I would normally drive them to school. I have been extremely good. The kids are a bit like "can't we just drive its quicker" but they'll get used to it. Of I may have to drive if its really p'ing down with rain as I don't own a coat YET!! Either that or I'll get one of them poncho things and really embarrass the kids, coupled with my wellies!

I really like those green short coats that are out with large buttons - adore them and I am on a mission to own one - maybe even in Yellow too.

Im a bit of a freak when it comes to colours - I don't like drawing attention to myself and hate going out as I think people are looking at me (deranged I know) but I do tend to buy outlandish trainers - my hubby used to think I was a freak but now says "here look at these you'll love em" - so he's come round :)

Don't know why but I don't really like to conform much - I wear what I feel comfy in - I think I must get into fashion soon (when im slim and can shop where I want! i most probably will) but I can see my daughter going the same way.

Combats, crocs, t-shirt and climbing trees! Hmm. Think we may have to have some girly days now shes getting on to 9 and a bit. Don't want her completely falling into my shoes!

Not had a pack yet - hoping to get rid of this 2l of water first - then i'll be happy to have a Vanilla Coffee.

Got loads of football paperwork to do for the new season and im really not motivated to do it today - but I must - that as well as my housework! Wish me luck.

If im still on here posting in an hour -kick my butt!

I have really long hair again and really want to go funky if I hit my goal - not sure what to do at mo im sure by the time I get to goal i'll have a good idea!


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