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A new me!!!!

OK I thought I would start this diary today as i start my CD journey tomorrow.

A little bit about myself 1st Im Clare and will soon be 29:eek::eek: and have 4 wonderful(sometimes lol) children I am a real binge eater and will eat and every opertunity,boredom ,watching tv,happy,sad you see the pattern.I have decided that enough is enough I have been struggling with SW since January and its just not helping as soon as I put weight on I don't want to leave the house or talk to anyone which is hard enough as I am painfully shy.

So tomorrow I start on SS+ as the CDC said something about the doctor needed to sign something so will see how I go.I am already panicing a bit that I should have just gone for ss not sure if the weightlosses differ a lot I am doing 3 with a small meal-if anyone does read my waffle please let me know. Then on the other hand I wonder if this may be better with the children around as I always worry about them having unhealthy attitudes towards food.
The plan for tomorrow porridge for breakfast,shake at lunch small me for tea and another shake when the youngest are in bed oh and lots of water. Will be back for lots more waffle over the coming weeks.
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Hi Carebear, first things first, you dont ever put yrself down. weight is NOT everything however it does mean alot or we would all be here. Please dont panic, there is nothing to panic about. You dont have a great deal of weight to shift so hopefully the program wont be too long going for you but will help with bad eating habbits and teach you new eating strategies. Just focus on getting through the first few days, drink plenty of water to keep hunger at bay as well as flush out toxins and all the excess fat byproducts. Keep us posted on how you feel, plenty people to keep yr spirit up. Just take things day by day and you will get there.


Laugh in the face of food
Hiya hun, good luck with your weightlosses. I'm doing SS+ at the moment and the weightlosses aren't that different from SS. A lot of people are scared to do SS+ because they think the losses aren't as good but thats not true, the only problem I've found with it is that occassionally I need to completely remove food from the equation, and SS+ gives me a taste for food after a while I end up having more than I should. But it's all about control and most of the time I'm in control and SS+ is fine.

Sorry if that seemed a bit rambly and confusing... hope you get on okay with it all, once you've got through the first week it gets easier. Good luck xx
Thank you for the information on ss+ well day 1 isnt going too bad but then have only been up 2 hours. For the 1st time in ages I woke up hungry,what does that say about my diet then but think thats more to do with my mind knowing its start day than anything else. Had a cup of black coffee for the 1st time ever and I liked it so thats good if I ever go out anywhere means I can have a hot drink.
The apple and cinnamon porridge was the worst thing I have ever tasted not sure if I should of had some water before or just my tastebuds need to get used to it who knows am just about to start my second glass of water.
Only bad side effect so far I have the urge to clean but am sure it will pass soon:p


Laugh in the face of food
Hi Hun, I'm not keen on the porridge but it's a lot nicer if you put a sweetner in the hot water before you mix it in with the porridge, it makes it less salty somehow.

I sometimes think that psychological hunger is worse than real hunger because there's no fixing that. But as you get further into the diet and you start noticing changes it gets better!!!! Good luck with today xxx


minimims stalker
hello! good luck on your weightloss journey!! im on week 7 and can honestly say this is the best diet ive ever tried and ive tried sw, ww to name but a few lol. saying that it is also the hardest but when you start seeing the results its all soo worth it. ive got a diary but its the main section of forum, i put it in wrong place lol x
Well so much for me thinking it was a good day so far am really struggling now,my blender broke earlier so couldnt mix the shake properly but it wasnt too bad,have fish for my meal tonight oooh I cant wait. On the good front have almost drunk my 2 litres of water will try one of the shakes hot tonight see if that helps not sure which one yet.
Will go off for a hot bubble bath for a relax while the kids and DH are eating their tea not quiet brave enough to trust my self not to pick.
Hi good luck with it all
I started it on Thurs so i should be on day 5 now & well into it & well into ketosis but i am struggling big time & as of yet have not managed 1 day to get through all 3 shakes or the equvilent of 3 meals :-(


Laugh in the face of food
Chelsea, is it the quanity you're struggling with? When my mum first started CD she split the packs and had them spaced out through the day rather than at 3 regular meal times. It didn't work for me, I have to stick with my set mealtimes otherwise I sometimes forget to have a pack.
Have woken up feeling rough this morning,last time when I done LT I had this feeling of no energy all the way through to the point of getting dressed was hard work just hope I dont get that this time will give it a good 2 weeks to see and may see about going up to 810 but will wait til nearer the time.
I am also fed up with peoples comments about doing this diet but it seems that no matter what I do its never right,but its ok for the to hardly eat to loose weight which doesnt work as they went back to eating ok for 2 days and put on 4lbs:mad::mad:
Had fish last night had to measure it more than once it looked loads. Liked the shake last night hot mint chocolate and original porridge was nice added some sweetener it made all the differnce
Hope yr day has been ok?
Keep up the good work, dont listen to other peoples comments who dont know any better. Day by day my dear is all we can do to get through this, so plod along and soon you'll be skipping. x
Hia Carebear, good luck with the diet. I have just done 3 weeks and it has gone so quickly.

The comments get on my nerves too, but sod em all is what I say.

Thanks for the posts I just need to stop letting things get to me I guess. Well its not been too bad of a day today had the strawberry shake and it was lovely,have been out most of the day either shopping or taking the kids to the fare and park and am feeling it now. I am feeling very bloated and just that general feeling heavier even my socks felt too tight,just hoping for a good loss on Monday to keep me going. Last shake and early night for me
I know what you mean about the comments, I'm not telling people because of there comments. Thought my husband would be one of them but he has been really supportive. Good luck x x


minimims stalker
they will be eating their comments when your shrinking before theyre eyes!! take it on the chin, ignore and head held high is the answer hun is your totm due if you are feeling bloated? mine was 2 weeks late this month and felt bloated and yuk for weeks. hope your feeling better x
I am wondering if you could be right totm I am just coming to the end of mine and for the last couple of months while doing SW I never lost weight this week not matter how good I was and always felt slighty bigger then aswell. I am a natural worrier not helped by the fact that I know the CDC scales made me weigh less,but at least I moved my weigh-in to the morning on monday so dont have to wait as long.
Its going well again today tried the apple and cinnamon porridge again with sweetener and it was a lot nicer. So was the fruits of the forrest shake even my Dh said it was nice.
I will remember that I will never say things are going well until the next day,the rest of the day has been a real struggle I so wanted something to eat but know its my brain and Im not hungry, I have also felt very shaking and low energy all day have upped my water and hope that helps. Its a fresh start tomorrow hopefuly I will be feeling better but then its day 4 always a struggle think I need to do something to take my mind off it all.
I also found tonight a struggle, husband came home with a bottle of sparkling water for me and fish n chips for him. (",)

I've just had a lovely hot bath and feel alot better now.


Laugh in the face of food
I've just been in the bath too, to keep me occupied. And now I'm watching tv tucked up in bed. I was hoping for an early night because I haven't slept very well the past couple of nights but again I'm wide awake. I might have to try the app I've got on my phone... It uses NLP to put you into a nice deep sleep. It's gotta be worth a try. Well nighty night and here's to another good day for all of us tomorrow xx

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