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A new me!

So I am starting the Dukan diet on Monday, I'm really looking forward to it- for the first 5-7 day you do an all protein diet and eat whatever u like iff of a list of food that they give you-it's called the attack faze and then you move on to the next faze.

As i love meat I am hoping it will be good, I know it's gunna be hard at first making meals interesting but they do give u recipes for sauce you can use in the attack faze and I love cooking.

i have 70lb to lose but my first goal is 28lb so just gunna take it one day at a time as I'm in no rush I just want to be healthier and feel fitter and be able to fit into some of my old cloths I have some beautiful dresses which I did not spend silly money on to not be able to wear.

xxx Lucinda
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S: 13st4lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st4lb(9.68%)
Good luck Lucinda :)
S: 21st11lb C: 20st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 53.6 Loss: 0st12lb(3.93%)
Good luck hun x
Day 1 of Dukan!

Weight today- unknown (can't find scales) weight 1 week ago 17st 2lb.

So far so good- for breakfast I had ham and egg, lunch I had chicken and dinner I had a mixed fish dish. I have also been drinking water with all my meals and have drunk the required about of water + more.

Exercise- done- I'm basically on my feet all day at collage so 20mins walking is easy (but I don't know if they mean 20mins in one go)

I am a bit hungry now- ate to early so think I might have some chicken or a yogurt.

Total Cravings today- 2- chocolate and like a prawn sauce (made from mayo and ketchup)

Does anyone know if u can eat ketchup or mayo on Dukan?

Xxx Lucinda
HELP!!!!! Does anyone know the answer to my question?

So yesterday was ok, around 10pm I did feel a little sick so I think I need to be eating more food than I did yesterday especially at the moment as I am doing a movement project at collage.

I am worried that as I am doing extra movement and eating a lot of protean that I am not going to Lose weight but gain muscle- when I say a lot of movement I mean yesterday we had 4 and a half hrs tomorrow we have 3hrs,Thursday 6hrs and sat/sun 10-9.

Does anyone know if this will happen? or have any surgestuns on what to do?

Xx lucinda
S: 13st4lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st4lb(9.68%)
Hi Lucinda :)

There's a Dukan Diet section a bit further down the board, maybe someone on there can answer your questions for you if you post them on there? :)

Here: http://www.minimins.com/dukan-diet/
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So yesterday was a really good day
I had smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast, chicken for lunch and steak with king prawns for dinner. Ate more and did not feel sick last night which is good.

Also I spoke to my dance teacher who it turns out has been doing the Dukan, he gave me some good advice and answered my questions.

Day 3 (today) I have now found the scales yay and they say 17st so that means i have lost 2lb whoo

Today I have eaten, ham and poached egg, chicken, chicken, more chicken, a lil bacon and some low fat cream cheese.
Been a busy day full of movement so need to keep energized- I did feel more tired than usual in dance class but it's the 3rd day and apparently that to be expected. It's really nice knowing y dance teacher is doing the same thing, he is really nice and was very supportive when he heard I was doing the Dukan.

Tomorrow should be fun- have another 10-9 day of movement! What fun but then I prefer movement to dance as it more about how ur body moves an less about "now run,knees up, higher higher, now hit the floor, sit ups,push ups and plank" like dance is lol.

Anyway now I have rambled on I best be getting to bed xxx Lucinda
Day 4!

I weighed myself this morning and am down to 16st 11lb! Yay 5 lb in 3 days crazy- just 23lb to go till I reach my first goal.

Today I had ham and poached egg,chicken,chicken and yes more chicken with bacon!

Today I have started to notice that I am constipated but this is a thing they warn u will happen- it's not too bad.

So what have I done today- at college we had 10-9 movement and oh I have had the best day- we spent the day learning technique like jumping,lifting,catching and different ways to move the body- was good fun except I did not fully trust my parter in one jump (see u start on the floor then ur partner with ur help pulls u up and then with the momentum from the pull u jump and land flopped over their shoulder). And as I did not trust I ended up falling and landing on my coxes!! So my bum is in pain atm but I had the most amazing bath tonight- I actually thinking could hear my muscles thanking me.

Today really has been go go go go go just throwing myself at ppl and having ppl throw themselves at me so I am predicting I am going to be in a world of pain tomorrow even with all the stretching and massaging I have been doing.

Anyway I'm rambling and falling asleep- I can hear my muscles again and this time they are saying go to bloody sleep so we can rest--- Arhhh rest I could sleep forever but alas I am in college yet again tomorrow but thank god I don't have dance- we get tomorrow of and then dum dum dum 2 full days of movement now weekend :( which is very unfair looking bk on the week I have had.

Ok now I am going to sleep xxx

G: 10st7lb
Great news on your 5lb loss! it took me a week to lose 5lb ;)

You sound so focused, I am sure you will do it!

Plenty of water may help constipation :confused:

Good luck
Day 5! (yesterday)

Have not lost anything else but 5lb is really good so keeping at it and hopefully soon I will start losing more.

Yesterday was a long day but fun- my body was in a huge amount of pain all day(even taking my coat on and off was pure pain).

I had an interview at the national theatre in London for an up coming play- it went well and went to dinner with a group of friends.

I was feeling so sick of chicken yesterday the thought of it was making me ill so for lunch had smoked salmon and prawns, breakfast had egg and ham and dinner I had steak.

I was meant to go out to a bar but was so tired and sore just went home so I could have an early night and on the way home i was looking at this man on the tube and he was looking at me (we were in separate carriages anyway while the train was moving he changed carriages and came and sat next to me and we started chatting (after I told him I thought he was crazy for walking through the doors as there is a huge sign that says "caution risk of death if used while train is in motion) and we talked all the way then we realized we were getting off at the same spot and and we live on the same road- so strange we talked for around half an hour then swapped numbers.

Then got home went to bed and was woken at 3AM yes 3AM by my very very drunk best friend ringing my door (I could have killed her) as had a full day of movement.

Day 6

Today still 16st 11lbs but that's still good.

Did not feel tired like I was worried I would be. I actually had a really good movement day learning dances, teaching and doing parter work- the bruises on my body are tuning black ( the things we do for are art).

Not done much else- I could not eat breakfast this morning- I have been feeling under the weather and at the moment so stuffed up- had chicken for lunch and went to dinner with some friends and has a lovely mix seafood platter which was lovely.

Also I have only realized over these past few days how satisfying it is going to the loo and having a poo- they tell you that you might get constipation and I have always had regular bowel movements so
Now that I don't when I think I am going to go to the loo I get really excited I know I must sound weird but who cares- I am drinking lots if water so don't know why I am getting constipated?? x

Anyway I have another 10-9 day tomorrow so need to sleep xx

G: 10st7lb
Good luck on the rest of your weight loss :)

You sound like a busy girl :)

Maybe lots of fruit will ease constipation or a natural remedy from the chemist :confused:

(did you make a date with the train pasenger?????) ;)
Day 7 weight 16st 10lb whoop lost another pound ( I need to start posting every day but so tired at the moment)

Sunday was long- I think after pushing and pushing my body for the past week that yesterday it was finally starting to shut down.

I am enjoying the movement project and am so proud at all the hard work everyone has put in-it's gunna look amazing.

I cant remember what I ate exactly for breakfast,chicken for lunch and a low fat yogurt. Steak with red onion/mushroom/tomato sauce with leek and broccoli and yes I also had a lil but of chocolate.
I was craving popcorn last night and I still am- it's not good I have popcorn in my room and I keep looking at them x

Day 8
Total lost in week one 7lb I am now 16st 9lb! which is so good 21lb to lose to get to my half way point.

I had ham for breakfast,chicken for lunch and steak with the same sauce and veg as yesterday for dinner ( was so not good one of my flat mates left the fridge door open and loads of my food got so hot it even started cooking itself a lil bit haha- had to throw away around £10 of protein.

It really was not my- I woke up at 10:10am when I am meant to be in college at 10 then the whole thing with the fridge and to top it off I ran myself a bath and when I went to get in it it was cold and all the hot water was gone.

Day 9
16st 9lb

Today has been better(apart from being tired).

It's the movement project tomorrow and I'm excited! My coxes is still hurting and my body still black and blue but the sun has started coming out and the sun always makes me happy.

So far today I had Dukan oat bran pancakes,chicken and a yogurt.

My best friend had here boobs done today and it's got me thinking and I think that maybe one day I will get mine done- they are ok but you can always improve on yourself haha.

(I have been talking to train man but so far no date is set)

Lucinda x
Adding on from my last post-

For dinner I had a chicken and veg curry flavoured stew type thing it wad really nice.
I have decided for now that I am going to do 5 days with veg and 5 days pure protein.
I also had some chocolate today and a sip of diet coke.

Anyway I'm off to bed got a long day tomorrow x

Thanx for the support rainbow.
Day 10
16st 8lb- 1lb lost.

Had smoked salmon and low fat cream cheese for bfast- for lunch I had the left over chicken veg curry from the night before and dinner I had the same veg curry.

The movement project went really well- I am sad and happy at the same time about it being over- it was really good fun but I am looking forward to being able to relax.

We all went to the pub after and first thing I did was went to the bar and got a cider (old habits) it was not until I had drunk half that I remembered I am not aloud alcohol on the Dukan but I finished my cider because I bloody deserved it- 10 straight days 10-9 with no rest so omg the cider was sooooo worth it, every drop hahaha.

Anyway Im at college at the moment but will blog today's events later x

Day 11
16st 7lb- 1lb lost

Today I have been naughty I had a hobnob and a haribo haha when I write it down like that it does not seem bad- I just have to keep note. My craving for sweet stuff is getting worse and worse, sweet stuff and sex- my friends cousin came round tonight and I was like a bloody dog on heat! Need to calm down or cool down

Anyway today I had ham for bfast, then curry chicken stew for lunch and salmon with roasted veg for dinner.

Ok going to sleep xxx

Day 12
16st 7lb

Had another naughty day and had a boost bar (I was really stressed today) as I have realized I am a stress eater so I need to find something I can eat thats not chocolate.

Ham a boiled egg and ham for bfast- salmon an roast veg for lunch and chicken -sweetcorn soup.

Had a long day doing a 12hr improvised show at college but was loads of fun- I ended up being a Britney spears obsessed lottery winner who lost all her money in a card game but found her long lost daughter and then won all her money back haha (the day if an actress)

Day 13
16st 5lb- 2lb lost

Loving having a day off finally- just chilling and having a peppermint tea x
Adding on to last entry- day 13

Had smoked salmon for bfast- chicken for lunch and chicken with bacon for dinner.

I went out in London last night and ended up getting very very very drunk- I don't think I vodka-champagne-tequila-cider-Malibu or jagermeister are on the Dukan

but it's fine because this does not mean I'm off the Dukan just means I slipped (not gunna lie quite a big slip) arhwell

Day 14
Have not weighed today- just dying on the sofa atm x

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