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ProPoints A new start - new motivation!!

I'm having very bad trouble sticking to this as I keep eating out with friends and not exercising enough, so this is the last time I'm going to restart and my new motivation is my grandparents!! My nan died in 2008 and every week when I would see her she would always tell me I looked nice and I've lost a bit of weight just to get my confidence up and make me smile !! She was a lovely women I was only 16 when she died and it hit me hard! Then a few months ago my grandad died of cancer so I'm going to take this into motivation and lose weight for myself obviously a them! I want to show my nan that I can do it and she can really see I have lost weight and I do look nice!! And by this time next year I want to bit fit enough to do a charity run in aid of my grandad so it's going to take a lot of work..but it will be worth it to make them proud!!.. I have no idea what food is in my house so I'll post again later with my diary !! xo
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Heyy Lauren, what a lovely motivation to have :) show us how its done and make them both very proud, good luck xxx
breakfast I had strawberry nesquick!! Don't think I've had one since I was about 9 so 9 years ago haha!! Was lovely - 4pp :)

I have to go to pc world now and sort out my stupid laptop!! -.- I'll have lunch when I get back and I'll update!! xo
thanks I hope so to! No I'm doing it on my own from home and just getting information off here and the pro points calculator :)

For lunch I went to my aunties house :
2 rolls with butter - 9pp
Crisps - 5pp
6 mini sausage rolls - 12pp

For dinner I had a kfc snack box - 15pp

46/46 dailys used
02/49 weeklies used
Hi Lauren, your motivation is lovely ,you were obviously very close to your grand parents. Do it for yourself too , your health and your future .You deserve it . We will all be here to help if you need support . Doing the Diary is a great idea .It makes you sit down and think about WW every day because life has a way of distracting us. Looking forward to following your journey .
thankyou!! :) I went out with my friends last night and had a few snacks so I worked out the points and I'm just gonna wipe off my weeklies!! ;) so I know I'm definitely safe !!
i've had sooo much trouble with my laptop, tryna fix it, all done now though..took from 11 this morning til 2:30 but its done!!.. all ive had today is a packet of crisps which was - 5pp

so imjust gonna have a big dinner, and forget about lunch..bit late now anywayyy..update more later xo
i got hungry so i ended up having..

2 toast - 5pp
egg mayo - 3pp
salad cream - 1pp
prawn cocktail wotsits - 3pp
animal biscuits - 3pp

for dinner im gonna have.. hmmm "/
quorn sausage x2 - 3pp
crinkle chips - 6pp
salad and coleslaw - 2pp
bread roll - 3pp
butter - 1pp

35/46 dailys used

49/49 total weeklies used

activity done today : none..might go on the wii later xo
morningggggggg :).

off shopping today with my friend for her birthday so early lunch today..didnt have time for breakfast!

2 toast - 5pp
butter - 1pp
egg mayo - 3pp
salad cream - 1pp
wotsits - 3pp
animal biscuits - 3pp
jelly - 0pp

for dinner im thinking of having..

chicken - 2pp
gravy - 1pp
peas - 2pp
mushroom - 0pp
red onion - 0pp
veg stock - 0pp
mashed potato - 7pp
ww cheese x2 - 2pp
(sort of like a shepards pie, but with chicken and vegetablesss!! )

30/46!! :)
We are all behind you x Don't you just love this site? I like to browse other daily diaries for ideas and inspiration x:)
i am exactly the same and keep falling off the wagon! its make or break this week! i get weighed this eve so fingers crossed! but you have really motivated me!!! xx
:fingerscrossed: Good Luck Hayzie