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a new starter....

Hi Guys,

After losing a large amount on CD last year, I have toyed on and off with it since jan, I am now 2 stone heavier than my lightest weight - but still MASSIVELY lighter than when I began CD - but now the time has come for me to try a different approach.

I have done SW many moons ago - but found it hard to last more than 6-12 weeks - I think this was more down to the fact I had a lot of weight to shift and was too impatient (prob why CD did work!) BUT now I really want to address my (still) very un healthy eating habits and hopefully shift the 2 stone I have gained (maybe shift an additional 14-21lbs as well!)

I am going to my class tomorrow at 7pm for official weigh in but have got the new book (from last time in jan!!) so have started today - will update and let you know how I am doing...

STW xx
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Well done for starting today and best of luck with your SW diet journey.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks you guys, well day one nearly over and so far so good.....
SonBan you have lost a lot of weight in a short time - well done!!!


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hi i also have started back with sw after doing this and cd back and forth, i started today properly and have been 100%
started with my weetabix, then had a ham salad for dinner and made a turkey mince meatloaf for tea and had that with salad too.
now having some banana's with fromage frais its great with some splenda in, just like a plain yougart then.


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Welcome back to SW Stilltoowide :cool:
hi guYS,

Well I went last nigt - kinda scarpered in and scarpered out - had my little girl with me, but planning to stay next week - When I have done SW before I really haven't stayed to many meetings (some of this due to anxiety issues) but definatley going to try next week- so day 3 today and still on track - had scrambled eggs and bacon for brekkie today.....

Thanks to everyone who has popped in to say hi - and good luck for all of you today!!


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Your breakfast sounds yummy! :D
hey dq,

brekkie was loverly.. but lunch was really good too - chopped up crabsticks, cucumber and tomato, plenty of vinegar - all in one bowl - was delish!!

DQ - u used to do cd? How have you found the mental side of this diet, ie the "slower" losses? Did it take you a while to adapt - or have you started this with a competley different mindset?


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DQ - u used to do cd? How have you found the mental side of this diet, ie the "slower" losses? Did it take you a while to adapt - or have you started this with a competley different mindset?
Unfortunately I had no choice but to stop doing CD - I hurt my back, and am on a range of tablets that mean my Dr said I had to come off of CD.

I was very upset originally, but am determined to put 110% into SW and do the best I can. If I can lose weight then great, but maintaining even at the size that I am is an achievement.

So I guess the small losses don't get me (too) down :rolleyes: because it's simply nice to see the scales going down again after such a traumatic year.

I actually lost 45 lbs doing CD earlier in the year, then did my back in and started suffering from water retention, etc. :cry:

Sorry for long-winded post - basically, promised myself that doing something is better than doing nothing and I'll take what I can get!! :p

Good for you DQ, hopefully we help encourage each other - are you enjoying SW? Do you intend to bounce back to CD if and when you are off the tablets, I am SO hoping that I will be patient as I really feel that SW will help address my eating issues.

Have a good day


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I am enjoying doing SW but am keeping my options open. I have been reading about the unit diet a lot lately. It looks like my back is a long-term thing so going back to CD may not be an option :(


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DQ can i just say ur pic is lovely so natural and u look so happy!
now im curious whats the unit diet lol
anything to do with dieting im so nosey incase its better than this one, i do love sw though as u can eat so much and u dont have to be hungry.


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Check out the Unit Diary subforum - Midnight Sparkles is doing really well and it is taking off!! :cool:

And thank you - it's actually a photo of me I like! :p
Hey DQ,

All diets need time - I think we all need to find one that suits us best life-styles etc - Give slimming world some time I am sure it will work for us!! - I have posted on your other thread.

Chin up!!!


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Thanks Stilltoowide, I keep reminding myself I am in this for the long haul, and if CD is not an option then I will just have to try another way. :thankyou:


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Hi all - well day 6 today and all is well - enjoying the sunshine - looking forward to seeing a loss (hopefully!!!) on mon/tues.
Good luck mate - hope you get a good result :)

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