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Good afternoon all.....

Well i'm in the same boat as most of the peeps in this section I guess and I have a fair few stones to loose!!

Im currently around 17st 7lb and BMI is about 37/38 but I will weigh myselft properly later on this evening to get an accurate figure!

I seriously need to do something about my weight, I actually physically hate myself and can not bear to look at myself naked in the mirror. I hate leaving the house as I try on about 7 outfits first to try and get the one that reveals the least rolls of fat, I dont like to do things that draw attention to myself and I always thing people are talking/sniggering about me. Thing is I have a 1 yr old son and he is getting so active now and I don't want him to loose out because of me, I dont want him to be bullied at school because of me and I dont want him to be ashamed of me!! I also am fed up of feeling so bad about myself and having no self confidence, I need it back, im loosing out to much to fast, i feel like if I was down to my goal weight my home life would be 100% better in ALL areas! I dont want to be embarrased to leave the house anymore and I dont want to continue to hate myself like to do right now :cry:and the fact I cant/dont talk to anyone about it makes it worse!

I have 6 ish stone to loose (depending on my starting weight) and im not 100% sure where to start. We can't afford classes right now, I have the rosemary connely GI Hip & Thigh diet which Im going to try, out of WW,SW,Slim Fast, Atkins infact all of them that is the one that worked best for me and as its basically a low fat, low cal diet with exercise I think its ideal for me as a starting point. We have a WiiFit which im going on daily (well last 3 days but its a start) so can hopefully build up my exercise on their. My dress size is currently 18/20/22 (depending on where I buy and what the material is) and I would love to get down to a comfortable 12 - I need to do this by Sept 2009 (our Wedding) so I really hope this is doable!!

What I have read so far has been a great inspiration so I look forward to speakin to some/all of you over the next....well however long it takes!!!
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Hi and welcome. With our help and support you can do it. Make small mini targets rather than looking at the whole picture eg 7 lb or getting down into the next st. You seem to have lots of good ideas so good luck

Irene xx
Hi and welcome. With our help and support you can do it. Make small mini targets rather than looking at the whole picture eg 7 lb or getting down into the next st. You seem to have lots of good ideas so good luck

Irene xx
Thank you Irene, its support like this that hopefully will help me power on through!


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S: 16st8lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 1st11lb(10.78%)
hi there

i have six stones to lose. well, five and four lbs now! have been trying to slim for a few years, im at my heaviest ever just now. but this is the first time ive lost 10lbs so im determined to keep going and be slim by the beginning of 2009! :D

As you can see from my ticker im setting targets a stone at a time. inly 4lbs to go and my first one is gone!!:D

Good luck everyone



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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
Good luck - not long ago I too had 6 - 7 stone to lose, and 6 months on Im 3 stone down, you can do it..... we all can, and we all will xxx


I know I can do it...
OLS - yep I have a lot to loose too. I don't look at the big picture, and just take small steps at a time.

I'm not doing a formal diet. I'm roughly following a very old WW plan which has worked for me in the past. After all dieters tend to know the theory of it all - the sticking to it is the real issue and being mentally strong enough to maintain the loss.

You've made the first step now, we're all here to help you get to where you want to be... after all we know exactly how you feel as we've all been there. Good luck with your diet journey.


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I just wanted to wish you luck on your weight loss journey, and point out, if you hadn't already guessed, that this site is amazing for advice and support.
Hope to hear about your successes soon!

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Hey just wanted to wish you every bit of luck for the journey to the new you. I have another 10st to loose so it is all good. I have lost 2 in the last month, so i know you can do it too. I also have a wii fit. It is a great thing...and really fun. I still have to do mine today....but I do love and and recommend it to anyone who is just starting back into formal exercise. Take care and keep us all updated on your progress. Any advice you only have to ask and everyone will come'a runnin'.


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S: 16st8lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 1st11lb(10.78%)
OH DEAR. As i type i am eating a tub of ben and jerrys fudge brownie ice cream. very drunken night last night and as i dont usually drink, i cant handle hangovers. ice cream is all that can help me!! oh god i feel so guilty!!!:cry:
Thanks again for all your support I really hope this makes a differance!!

Ive not got my ''stats'' yet as We had a family funeral on Friday, a very poorly little boy this weekend AND i'm on nights so im a bit (completley) shattered......

Im hoping to get chance when I get up tom to jump on the wii fit (my scales) to get my weight and get the tape messure out also to record my stats, Ill take some piccies as well ;)

Right'o kids Im off to post elsewhere about the best way to tackle the diets when on night shifts as their must be some good advice about that around here to....toodle pip:D


I know I can do it...
My hubby is a shift worker and is dieting too.

He does 8-2 mornings, 2-10 evenings and 10-8 nights. On nights he has a slice of toast before he goes to bed, then normal dinner when he gets up at about 5, then a micro meal or fruit and a cereal bar at about 3am. This seems to suit him.
i think i need to figure a way to get through 18 hours with only 3 meals and boredom!

well I was 114kg on the wii scales today :(:mad::eek: I decided to do it in KG as the St/lb combinatin is not as accurate.

I need to go shopping tomorrow so need to make a list BEFORE i go so I dont buy crap.

Anyone got any tips on a) eating your childs yummy left overs and b) getting your partner to support you, he eats crisps & sweets and crap and doesnt put a lb on and its very demotivationg!
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I know I can do it...
I guess the simple solution is don't use yourself as a bin for your kids left-overs and put them in the bin asap.

Could you perhaps have a few treats reserved for yourself, so when your partner has something you can have a legal treat?

I think forward planning the shopping is a brilliant idea, especially if you can plan the meals a few days ahead. It eases the temptation to cheat as you know exactly what is what.

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