A new year, a new life.

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    Having been overweight virtually all of my adult life the ideal of a healthy diet has somehow eluded me. I have read numerous books on nutrition and exercise, meditation and yoga - I know more about the nutritional values of food than i do about anything else, I'm aware of what 'healthy' is and what i have to do to 'be' healthy and yet I've been unable to put any of my knowledge into practice.
    I was told at the tender age of 15 by the school councellor that if i cut out my after school snacking and switched to fruit instead of crisps and biscuits then by my 16th birthday i'd be back to a healthy weight without even trying. 13 years on and I'm 'still' overweight (more so than ever before) and inside i still feel like that insecure schoolgirl, shying away from any kind of attention and staying in my very own self made comfort zone.
    Life has been a huge challenge over the last few years. Having two children, being in an abusive relationship, then to go on to being a single mother. All challenges i've faced with grim determination and a stubborness that ' I WILL NOT FAIL'. I refused to stumble and fall at the first hurdle, I've made it through everything life has thrown at me and yet having gone through the hardest of times i still cannot conquer the one thing that dogs my every step and ultimately affects everything i do and everything i am - food!
    Well this year WILL be different! I will face this challenge as i have faced everything else and i WILL finally change the one thing i've wanted to change for as long as i can remember - not just my weight and my health, but to live my life the way i WANT to. To wear the things i want to wear, to go out and enjoy myself without feeling inferior or inadequate. To lay to rest the insecure teenage schoolgirl i once was and step up to the plate as a confident, bubbly, sexy woman. Having almost half my body weight to lose its not going to be easy, but then so little in life thats worth having is. Think of it more as a marathon than a sprint and eventually we will get there.

    Come on ladies (and gents) this is OUR year, lets make a difference.
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    What an inspiring post. You need to believe in you and it now sounds like you really, really do!

    Well done for facing up to what you need to do to get what you want.

    I bet you will get there!
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    It's brave of you to lay your feelings on the line there Rayven. You sound determined to beat this demon once and for all ... and I'd like to join you. After a diabolical 2007, I'd like to make 2008 THE year I overcome the demons that have held me back from being all I can be.

    A great post!
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    :)Thanks for sharing your story with us Rayven. I can recognise myself in many things that you said.:)
  6. debz32

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    What a fabulous, inspiring post !!

    thank you so much for sharing.....2008 will definitely be your year Rayven - JUST GO FOR IT !!!

    look forward to sharing your successes with you !!


    Debz xx
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    You sound very determined so i hope this year is yours too prove yourself right.Ive been struggling with my weight all my life & ive had enough too.Its great to come on minis & hear from people with the same everyday battles.So lets all try & encourge each other.
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  9. IreneH

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    Your post is so inspirational. Make 2008 your year

    Irene xx
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