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A Poll/ celebrating or not ???

are you celebrating the royal wedding

  • yes

    Votes: 23 35.4%
  • no

    Votes: 42 64.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Hi Sue - I'm a republican through and through so won't be celebrating (bah! humbug!). I will see what her dress looks like though lol! Happy viewing!


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I am not too bothered one way or the other about the Royal Family, they have a purpose I suppose. I will not be watching the Royal Wedding though as the media are going overboard and it seems that it will be wall to wall royal wedding - so am going out for the day.
Republican here too i'm afraid Sue. Not bothered about watching it at all. Also feel v sorry for them both having to share what should be a v private and intimate occassion with the entire world - though she of course knew what she was getting into i suppose.
Also cannot stand the Diana comparisons or the 'breaking news' the other day that the brides family will sit one side and the grooms the other side. Right - like any other wedding then!!! Not even remotely breaking news, or indeed news!! Grrr
I'm going round my mums with the rest of the family, and we are having a terribly British day with a buffet of cucumber sandwiches and posh tea in China cups, followed by a SW friendly roast beef dinner. I quite like the royal family, I think we have enough trouble with our elected powers that be, without having an elected head of state too, and I think that our Royals do a lot of good, in terms of bringing in tourism and.highlighting the work of charities.


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Yes, I love it and we'll have a little family party to celebrate - was planning a bbq but forecast here not looking fab so may have to have a backup indoors plan just in case!
I do think that the media coverage & speculation is so intense that it will put many off before it even begins, but sadly the same can be said of many events these days. However, if nothing else then its a good day to spend with family and friends and as such is to be enjoyed!

Sue, are you still planning your multi-national euro BBQ?!! Menu plans?
I'm not invited, I don't know them, so I don't care!
Bet everyone who is dead against it will still take the public holiday though ;)
Only cos my office is shut and the trains aren't running due to engineering works - otherwise I'd happily spend the day at work rather than watch it!!!:D
Besides- haven't they just moved the august bank holiday like they did with the Queens Jubilee a few years ago?
wont be watching and dont really care but thanks for the bank hol. I believe we still have our bank hol in august and also we get an extra one next year for the queen's jubille not them taking one off...


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I'm not hugely interested in the Royals (though I am not anti-monarchy)

I would have watched it, but I'm going to be away for the weekend from Thursday onwards. I'd actually thought for a second about catching a train down to London to see it (or see whatever I can as an un-invited commoner lol) since it's an historic occasion - but I was talked out of doing it :D


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Bet everyone who is dead against it will still take the public holiday though ;)
Not everyone is getting the public holiday - depends on your employer and whether they are willing to pay for you to have the day off.

I for one will be at work on Friday although my employer has allowed us the public holiday.
Bet everyone who is dead against it will still take the public holiday though ;)
I would happily go into work in order to avoid it, actually all our staff volunteered to give up the bank hol to avoid the tv coverage, but as our clients are all taking the bank hol, we have to as well.
Unlike members of the royal family, I don't get paid to sit and do nowt
Bet everyone who is dead against it will still take the public holiday though ;)
Well duh...:D
Free holiday - I'm not proud. Although the office is shut I admit. But then I'm an aetheist and don't work through Christmas and Easter either. I reason these christian festivities have been unashamedly nicked from pagan festivities so buggrit. :p

I'm also a republican so have little interest other than a 20 second nosey at the dress. :D

The media coverage these last few weeks is driving me up the wall frankly. :mad:
I would like to watch but having a 3year old with aspergers it's a no go :sigh: but I will get a sneaky peak at the dress :D
I think its a bloody shame how judgemental the press are. ''She's losing weight'' ''She's too thin'' ''Is the stress getting to her'' ad infinitum!!
Leave the bloody girl alone for goodness sake :mad: She just wants to marry the bloke she loves :lilkiss: who just happens to be a royal.
I am glad though that he is definitely his mother's son and I would bet anything that he will protect her to the hilt in any way that he can :love:
I wish them a long and happy life together without a ridiculous amount of griping and interference from the stick in the muds and the general grumpy draws that are out there ;)


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