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A positive post for a change!

Firstly, can i just say that I'm sorry i havent been around much, i have ALOT going on in my personal life, but i know that being around here does me good, so i will try and visit more often! I do lurk now and then and see how you guys are getting on, but often lack the time to post on individual threads. But, everyone is doing great...all together on the march towards a slimmer Christmas:D

Ok, here's where I'm at...........

Ive realised that I was letting myself fall into the comfort eating trap:eek:. Now I know that i cant change all the turmoil in my life, but i can change what i put in my mouth! Ive said this before, and i know that eating sensibly gives me a sense of routine and control over my life...and a feeling of achievemnt and hope for the future (very philosophical:rolleyes:)

So, from today, i am back on the xenical train, healthy low fat diet and 3 little blue pills:)

AND.....drum roll purlleeeaassee..........I went to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats all the fuss about i hear you say...well it was a BIG thing for me to walk into that environment, especially when my confidence is on the floor:(

BUT, do you know what? I survived it and I'm feeling proud of myself! My workout was only 25 mins or so, but i was just so glad that i didnt end up a red faced dripping mess or show myself up.

They are encouraging me to do the £20 dd scheme because going through GP referral i can only make the Mon session and thats not really going to be beneficial. So I'm going to pay casual member rate for the next couple of visits and then make my decision.Its not just the money, coz 20 quid is fine, its just not knowing what my work commitments will be due to the current situation...so will i be able to make use of off peak is what im trying to get at (in a really round about kind of way!!)

So, im feeling a little more positive, and have a little feeling of self belief creeping back in....I CAN do this, I WANT to do this , and i WILL do it:D
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You can do this and you WILL do this!!
i hope thigns are starting to look up, obviously i dont know the full story, but everyone here as you already know has nothing but support and encouragement for you love!!!
and come back and post more. we miss you!!!

Well done on the workout!!!!!!
brilliant stuff!!!
Congrats on going to the gym i know how you feel, i only ever go with my mum or a friend because i hate walking in by myself and always think people are looking at me so now i just exercise at home.

hopefully you enjoyed yourself and feel better for it, 25 minutes is a good amount of time if you haven't been recently so i hope your not too sore tomorrow :)
I hate exercise myself (I was going to a gym for a while but I found it such a hassle so I just go for a walk now). If you make an effort to go as often as possible then it becomes routine and you don't have to push yourself to go :)
Hey hun :D

I was wondering this morning what you were up to - was going to send you a message on FB.

Good to hear you sounding so positive and well done at the gym. I used to go to a ladies only session at the gym - I couldn't face a mixed session.

Glad your back on track and keep posting - on here and FB. You can do it - we can all do it ..... together!
Hi, I'm sorry you've been going through a rough time I hope things start to get better soon.
You certainly sound positive and it's great that you took that huge step of going to the Gym - well done you!!!
Look forward to hearing more about how you are getting on.
Keep smiling, love Shorty x
Well guys...the gym paid off...i lost 6.5 pounds this week !!


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WOOP WOOP. 6.5 pounds wow... i only dream of things like that.... bet you are well chuffed with yourself! go you!!
Fantastic, well done, the exercise does pay off, I just cant get my backside into gear to do it tho!

Keep it up girl!! :D
Well done 6.5lbs is a brilliant loss, it's great to have you back. x


gunna be a fatty for ever
woooop woooop!

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